School District Budget Outlook Now Available Online

That grim budget outlook that is forcing school closure talk?  Now you can read it and weep, yourself.  


The bottom line?  Tacoma schools are looking at hole of about $25 million over the next three years.  The 3 million in state funding for small class sizes will cut the deepest, dipping straight into money allocated for instruction.


Tacoma School Board and District Officials Discuss School Closures

The News Tribune reports the Tacoma School Board is considering temporary closure of Foss High School and several smaller elementary schools as a way to address a looming budget crisis in the wake of massive cuts to state funding.


Poll: What should we do about Old City Hall?

Last month, downtown Tacoma's iconic Old City Hall (that beautiful building with the clocktower that you drive by when getting on the freeway by Stadium High School) sprung a leak when a pipe burst following a stint of freezing weather.



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