Giant Burgers Invade South Tacoma Way

My big girl's birthday is so close to the holidays that we usually just have a small family celebration and hold off on the party until around the end of January.

Somehow, this tradition has become an excuse to say yes to things we would not subject friends and their children to.

In addition to our annual Chuck e Cheese tax (I know this is not saying a lot, but somehow this place has managed to go downhill) we tried out the "Cakeburger" at Patty's burgers on South Tacoma Way.

If you've never been to Patty's, it's a great little family run 50's diner type place that serves up very affordable breakfasts and a number of sanely portioned burgers unlike the one in this photo.

The "Cakeburger" consists of 7 burger patties, countless condiments and a rather tremendous quantity of bun. Four of us managed to make it about halfway through. If we had it to do over, I think the fries would be much better on the side, they got cold and floppy underneath the asteroid-like burger. I took some of the burger out of the bun and tried to trick my body into thinking it was gluten free. Apparently, this doesn't work. (Who knew?)

If the Cakeburger seems a little excessive try one of Patty's delicious milkshakes, a meal in themselves.



Patty's Burgers
5615 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98409-4215
(253) 474-0844