JAWS Students Testify in Front of City Council

Kathleen Casper's JAWS student Louden Miller, a third grader at Fawcett Elementary School, spoke to Metro Parks Commisioners Monday evening to "include more elements about the Middle Ages in their celebrations and parks," according to Casper. 

Casper says that Louden was very poised at the microphone at the poedium, wearing a dress shirt and tie. 

"He was then asked to speak with Shon Sylvia, their director of recreation and Shon invited him to help plan future events. Then another lady spoke with Louden too, asking him to help them as a youth spokesperson in the future since Louden participates in a lot of Metro Parks programs," says Casper. 

On Tuesday evening, he made the same plea ecouraging the Tacoma City Council to celebrate more medieval celebrations. 

In addition to Louden, Casper's student Alicia Clark, a fifth grader at Fawcett Elementary School, spoke about improving storm drain designs so less litter enters the bay. 

This is not the first time Casper has had students speak in front of a government body including the City Council. Casper had a third grade student speak to the City Council about taxes