Updated Again! Mini-Update: No Contract Negotiations This Morning

This morning I reported that the district and union would be negotiating today.  Apparently not. :(

From the TPS Facebook crew:

 "@Jennifer. Udpate: The TEA notified us this morning that its bargaining team refused to meet with us at 11 a.m. if our lead negotiator could not be present in the room. He was available on speaker phone, and we have six other top administrators on the district bargaining team."

? There is probably another side to this, (and I'm happy to pass it on, whatever it is) right now I am just scratching my head.  As far as I know, there have been no talks since Saturday.

...and here's that other side, from TPS Facebook again:

"@Jennifer. We need to correct the above information. Apologies to the TEA. The state mediator decided to call forthe day off of formal bargaining. That allows the TEA to meet with its membership tonight and resume the bargaining in earnest tomorrow morning.