Angel Number 0130 Meaning: With a Positive Mindset

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: July 20, 2022
Angel Number 0130 Meaning

If you often see the number 0130, what does it mean? Sometimes Angels are sending you messages through numbers to give you realizations and hints for your life.

It’s 01:30! I’ve been seeing that same number a lot lately! If you think so, it might be trying to deliver some message to you. Let me tell you about the message of Angel Number 0130.

Angel Number 0130 Meaning

0130 says, “By practicing prayer and meditation, you can receive divine messages. Let’s give everything to the Ascended Masters through prayer and meditation to heal and change our fears and doubts. Try to stay positive and positive.” That’s the message.

Angel Number 0130 is a combination of 0, 1, and 3, with 0 twice to emphasize the message. The number 0 represents beginnings and endings, resetting things, and infinite possibilities. The number 1 represents new beginnings, creation and trust. The number 3 has the message of change, creation and freedom.

0130 is interpreted from the two digits 13 and one digit 0.

Meaning of 13.

The Ascended Masters are telling you to stay positive. Let the Masters heal your fears and doubts and give it all over to you so that you can change. As there are 13 cycles of the moon in a year, it signifies the divine feminine, the goddess and the intuitive side.

Meaning of 0.

Practice prayer and meditation. You’ll receive messages from God by doing so.

Meaning in Numerology

0130 Adding all the numbers together makes a potential message: 0 + 1 + 3 + 0 = 4, and 4 holds the message of embodiment, solidity, and stability.

Angel Number 0130 Love

Angel Number 0130 tells us that if you are feeling anxious, worried, or have other negative thoughts about your love life, “Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, focus on the future you want to achieve.” I’m sure you’ll find that this is a piece of very helpful advice.

Especially when you’re in a relationship, the emotional swings tend to be bigger. Anger, anxiety, jealousy, sadness, and other negative emotions tend to boil over. You can also feel happy because you’re in love, and your emotions are very busy. 0130 tells us that it is important to shift to positive emotions in any situation.

Angel Number Twin Flames

The angel number 0130 tells us to trust in our connection with our soul halves and our deep connection with our Twin Flames, and to “follow your instincts” when they come to you.

Maybe your intuition will lead you to the future about twin rays. When you want intuition, you can close your eyes and ask angels. You can close your eyes and ask your heart, “Please tell me about Twin Flames” or “What should I do to meet my Twin Flame?

Don’t panic if the response doesn’t come right away! Trust that the message will come to you so that you will know that your thoughts will reach you. The answer will come at the best time.

Angel Number Reunion

If the person who wants to get back together continues to see Angel Number 0130 messages frequently, the chances of it happening will diminish if you keep worrying about getting back together. Worrying = negative thinking, so try to think positive thoughts as much as possible.

You might also want to reassess whether or not they are someone you can be positive with even if you get back together. Angel, the being who is reminding you to be happy, wants you to have a happy relationship.

Angel Number Spiritual Significance

If you have a one-sided love and you have a chance to see the message of Angel Number 0130 again and again, it tells you that a bright future is waiting for you if you are feeling positive and thrilled. Trust your intuition and act on it in order to find happiness.

Intuition can also come through prayer and meditation. Put on some relaxing and quiet background music, dim the lights, close your eyes and visualize you and him. When positive images come vividly to mind, you may be close to a bright future coming your way. Find some time to relax and practice this.

Angel Number Marriage

If you often see the message 0130 when you are thinking about marriage. It tells you that by staying positive, your situation will change.

Whether you have a partner you want to marry or not, it is important to have a positive attitude toward marriage.

Angel Number 0130 Work

If you continue to see messages of 0130 when you are thinking about work, it is telling you the importance of trusting your intuition and moving forward. No matter what the situation, it is important to believe in a bright future and do what you can do now, rather than being swayed by negative feelings.

Instead of worrying about this and that, trust your gut feeling. Trust your intuition. Your intuition will lead you to the right path.

Angel Number 0130 Money Luck

If you look at the message of 0130 when you are thinking about your financial luck, it tells you the importance of having a positive attitude about money and that you can improve your financial luck by choosing things according to your intuition.

If you get a “gut feeling” about something that at first glance may not have anything to do with money, don’t hesitate to go for it! This is the time of year when your intuition is sharp, so please listen to your instincts and go with it.


Angel Number 0130 is a message to stay positive and positive in any situation. When you are worried or thinking about something, you tend to think negatively, but by being conscious and positive in such situations, you will receive your intuition.

Intuition can sometimes give us signs of big changes. Trust your intuition and be willing to receive it.