Angel Number 1004 Meaning: Luck of Love, Reunion, and Fortune

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: June 25, 2022
Angel Number 1004 Meaning

The angel number 1004 sends a message that you are never alone, but connected with angels. Think positively and ask them for help when in doubt.

In this article, we will introduce the meaning of angel number 1004 such as love, reunion, and fortune.

When you see the number 1004, please refer to it.

Meaning of Angel Number 1004

The angel number 1004 means to align your thoughts with God and the angels and to act positively. They’re right there for you, loving you. Rest assured and ask them for peace and guidance. You have a powerful ally.

1 symbolizes oneness. You are connected to God and angels through thought, and you are never alone.

0 symbolizes heaven itself. You are a member of heaven and are strongly connected to God and the angels.

4 is a number that means mental stability and peace. By believing in the existence of heaven, you will be able to attain peace.

1004 is interpreted from the three digits 100 and the single digit 4.

Meaning of 100

The angel number 100 means to believe in the support of God and the angels and to act positively. If you have any worries or doubts, ask them for help. You can benefit greatly from believing in them and connecting with them. Remember that you have unlimited talents. By strongly imagining your own desires, your ideals will materialize.

Meaning of 4

The angel number 4 means that your believing heart will be the source of angels. Believe in God and angels. You have a strong bond with them. Trust them to be there for you at all times. They know exactly what you’ve been working on. If you believe in them and act with a positive attitude, they will give you peace when you are tired and give you advice when you are in doubt.

Angel Number 1004 Love

Angel Number Twin Flame

The angel number 1004 tells you that you don’t have to be impatient.

Are you impatient because you can’t easily meet Twin Flame, or if a problem arises between the two of you? The angels tell us to calm down once. Don’t panic, you and Twin Flame can meet at the right time. When you have a problem, try to convey your feelings to the other person obediently. You have angels. Don’t worry.

Angel Number Reunion

When a person who wants to get back together sees the angel number 1004, it is time to tell the other person about his honest feelings.

Let’s recall the pure feelings we had when the two of us met. Your pure feelings move the other person’s heart. Your wish will come true soon. After reuniting, the two can be bonded by a strong bond. Reunion will allow the two of them to have a stable relationship. Believe in the existence of angels and try to communicate your feelings to others.

Angel Number Single-mindedness

When a person who has a crush on him sees the angel number 1004, the angels are giving him a boost. Have the courage to take action.

Positive thinking will increase your attractiveness. The other person will also notice and become aware of your attractiveness. There is also the possibility that the other party will confess. Don’t forget to be positive and smile. Angels are cheering you on. Let’s polish ourselves to improve our attractiveness.

Angel Number Marriage

When a person who wants to get married sees the angel number 1004, please remember the beginning. Have you lost your gratitude to the other person after a long relationship? By regaining a fresh feeling, you will be able to feel affection for the other person. Be sincere and respectful of others. If you can take good care of the other person, you will be able to live a stable life together.

Angel Number 1004 Work

Be sure to have strong convictions and believe in angels and act accordingly. By doing so, your wish will come true.

You may have anxieties and hesitations, but don’t worry. You are now bonded with the angels in a strong bond. When in doubt, ask for help. There is also the possibility of meeting new people. By cherishing the people you meet, you will become a powerful collaborator. Believe in the potential within you, let go of your anxieties, and act positively.

Angel Number 1004 Golden Luck

Fortunes are rising. Try to deal with money steadily.

Angels are cheering you on as you work hard and live a serious life. It is a time when much abundance is bestowed. Don’t be obsessed with money and use it for the people around you and the world. By having a compassionate heart, money circulates and returns to yourself. By concretely envisioning your ideal future, you will be able to obtain a prosperous life.


When you see the angel number 1004, it is important to believe in the existence of God and angels.

If you feel lost, ask them for help. A believing heart becomes their energy. Your thoughts are always connected to them. By letting go of negative emotions and acting with positive thoughts, you can achieve peace and stability.