Angel Number 1020 Meaning: Let go of negative feelings

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: June 25, 2022
Angel Number 1020 Meaning

The angel number 1020 is a good idea to improve your thinking and cherish the feeling of believing at all times. Let go of your negative feelings and cherish receiving messages from God.

If you see the same number several times in a row, the angel is giving you awareness and hints in your life through the numbers. About 1020, we will introduce angel messages in various aspects such as love, work, and fortune.

Meaning of Angel Number 1020

The message of 1020 is, “God and the Wisdom of the Universe are supporting you so that you can improve your thinking and maintain your believing mind. Ask God to help you get rid of doubts. You will be able to receive messages from God through prayer and meditation. The message is.

1 has the power to create something new from nothing, and has the message of a new start, a strong mindset, and a strong will.

The message of 0 is also “nothingness” because it is not in a visible form, and symbolizes “infinity” that contains many possibilities. 2 has the message of harmony, acceptance, and intuition.

1020 is interpreted from the three-digit 102 and the single digit 0.

Meaning of 102

God and the Universal Wisdom are helping you improve your thinking and keep your believing mind. Let us ask God to dispel any doubts.

Meaning of 0

Practice prayer and meditation. That way you can receive messages from God.

Meaning in Numerology

If you add all 1020, you can see the potential message. Since 1+0+2+0=3, the potential message is 3. 3 has the message of change, creation and development.

Angel Number 1020 Love

If you receive a 1020 message when you are thinking about love, staying positive will help you build a better relationship with your partner. Let’s act positively with a positive attitude.

Feeling forward will lead to the fulfillment of love. By having the courage to take a step forward, your relationship will move forward.

Angel Number Twin Flame

If you frequently see the message of 1020 when you are thinking about a Twin Flame that has a deep connection with you at the soul level, take a moment to meditate and feel the soul of the Twin Flame. By spending a pleasant time with Twin Flames and energy levels, you will accelerate your encounter with reality. Let us cherish our beliefs.

Angel Number Reunion

If someone wants to reunite with their ex or ex Kano sees the message 1020, think positively. Please eliminate any worries or anxieties about reunion. When there is a sense of anxiety, it becomes a reality. By letting go of your anxiety, you will be able to choose a positive future.

Angel Number Spiritual Significance

If a person with a single mind sees the message of 1020, let’s approach it positively. It is precisely because of our actions that our relationship can move forward. By communicating your feelings, you will also change your feelings greatly. The courage to take a step forward is the opportunity to spend a happy time.

Angel Number Marriage

If you receive a 1020 message when you are thinking or struggling about marriage, it is time to act towards marriage if you want to get married. I want to get married! Let’s cherish that thought and make a plan for marriage.

Angel Number 1020 Work

If you frequently see 1020 angel messages when you are thinking about work, acting on your intuition will lead to good results. If you have trouble or worries at work, pray to God and ask Him to guide you through the answer. By asking questions, you will have God’s support.

Angel Number 1020 Golden Luck

If you’re thinking about your luck and keep a close eye on the 1020 message, try to keep a positive attitude toward your money. Also, if you have negative feelings about money, it is a good idea to surrender it to heaven. Depending on how you feel about money, your luck will improve.


The angel number 1020 can attract the reality you want by thinking about what you want and strengthening your belief in it. It is important to use your thoughts only for what you want.

When we think about things we don’t want, we think that God and the universe want them, and we attract that negative reality. By controlling your thoughts, you can create the reality you want. Let’s make good use of our thinking.