Angel number 88 and its meaning – Why do you see 88?

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: October 6, 2022
Angel number 88 and its meaning

We will encounter numerous ups and downs and obstacles during our lives.

We have a mortal existence on Earth that is full of change, evolution, and a higher purpose.

To genuinely exist in this world and fulfill our divine mission, we must connect with our spiritual selves.

Tuning into our intuition and the guardian angels who have been assigned to communicate with us is one method we might attain our spiritual aspirations.

With a strong intuitive talent, we can be safeguarded and directed through life while we strive for greater spiritual fulfillment.

The heavenly world has a purpose for everyone here on earth, and the angels sent to guide us on our spiritual path need us to be open, aware, and faithful to the present to do the best work.

When we are struggling and need support, numbers can be shown to us by our guardian angels.

Whether in the shop, in the car, on the phone, etc., when we are shown series of numbers, the angels are sending us messages.

With the help of numerology, we can decipher the messages our angels send us and align our paths according to their ideals.

Angel number 88 – Find out the truth!

Angel number 88 is a karmic number. As we journey through life, we will experience times of incredible highs and devastating lows.

During these ups and downs, it’s helpful to know that we have someone watching over us.

These protectors and wise beings are our guardian angels. They can see the big picture of our lives and predict the coming events.

To understand any sequence of numbers, we need to break apart the message and look at the numbers individually. Do you want to understand what it means to see the number 88?

For the angel number 88, we need to examine the connotations of the angel number 8. Then we can hope to learn its message.

The angel number 88 represents a message of purpose and possibility.

This number also represents abundance and stability. Many interpret this angel number as relevant to finance. It indicates that financial stability is in your future.

In a more general sense, it shows rewards and amenities for the work you’ve done.

The time of making amends may be getting in your way. When you see this message from angel number 88, take time to be grateful and relax.

Enjoy your time and take comfort in knowing that financial security awaits you. When the number 8 doubles, the message can be very similar.

The meaning of angel number 88 also predicts a time of rewards and food fortune. You will soon prosper and achieve your goals.

The angel number 88 means that your guardians support you.

However, you have control over the finances and are responsible for protecting them. So be careful with what you spend.

Angel number 88 and reaching your full potential

Your angels can also use the angel number 88 to tell you that it is time for you to strive for the fulfillment of your full potential.

This happens when the number 88 comes as an expression of the highly spiritual number 7.

For the number 88 can be reduced to this highly spiritual number by a two-step process: 8+8=16, 1+6=7.

The angel number 88 can appear in a variety of ways, but will most likely appear in the form of addresses, phone numbers, and important financial transactions.

When the vibration of the number 7 shines through the angelic number 88, it indicates that your spiritual abilities and mystical powers are about to become major sources of abundance in your life.

It is also important to train your mind to focus on positive outcomes. The vibration of the number 8 is associated with abundance, wealth and prosperity.

However, if you are focusing on negative outcomes and problems, the vibration of the number 8 could bring you an abundance of what you are focusing on.

So when angel number 88 enters your experience, take a moment to observe your thoughts and focus positively on what you want to attract into your life.

You can also read about the angel number 888 and angel number 8888, because when you see the angel numbers doubled, it then has a different meaning

The spiritual meaning of angel number 88

Have you prayed for a sign, for guidance or help? Are you struggling in your personal or professional life?

If you keep seeing the number sequence 88, then you should know that the angels have responded to your call and help is on the way.

Look into your soul and find out what you have asked for. Read on and meditate on these messages.

Here are possible meanings for why you keep seeing angel number 88.


This is a message of appreciation for all that you deserve.

Seeing angel number 88 is a sign of joy and happiness, because the angels say you deserve all the blessings and goodness you have in your life. Have fun!

You will be rewarded for listening to your intuition and following your heart. Stay optimistic and positive because you will attract more of what you have now.

Now when you receive this message from the angels, you are fully aware of the power of your attraction and how blessings find a way to come into your experience

The law of the universe is so simple, and now the angels are telling you this. You attract what you feel, what you are.

Be grateful and happy for what you have, thank the Divine for all the blessings, and stay open to new experiences and opportunities.

Wealth and prosperity

If you continue to see 88 Angel Number, then be prepared for a significant time of abundance and wealth. You will be blessed with abundance and good fortune.

This is a great time for you to set goals, write down your dreams and desires. Anything you focus on will be successfully accomplished if you are willing to persevere and do what it takes to achieve it.

The angels tell you that you are on the right path; you will achieve all your goals. Keep pursuing them, no matter what happens.

The universe supports you, all the time. What do you need to know more? You are guided and encouraged to make progress.

Take action and enjoy all the positive energies the angels are sending you.

Financial success

This number carries the energy of financial abundance and stability. Through the angel number 88, you are told that a bright future awaits you in the financial department.

Well, isn’t that great news? If you’ve been struggling with money and debt for a long time, you can be sure that this time is coming to an end.

All the money related issues you have been facing will be resolved and it is time for you to work on your financial stability.

You will be blessed with so much that you will remember when you struggled, and you will share your experiences with others.

Love and angel number 88

You will be able to help others in need, now give back to your friends, family and even strangers.

You’ve been in their shoes and you know how good it feels to know someone cares about you.

Cherish all that you have and all that you get because there is more to come.

As you continue to see to the guardian angel 88, be excited because new experiences full of reward will show up in your life. You deserve them. Money problems, financial worries, all that will be over.

You are now beginning a new season of abundance, happiness and success, be grateful and continue to stay inspired and humble.

You know better which of the possible messages is for you, have faith and act on what the angels tell you. Open your mind and your heart and let magical things appear in your experience.

Have fun, the universe is behind you.

Love and angel number 88

When it comes to love, the angel number 88 can have several meanings.

For people who are having difficulties in their relationship, this number appearing in their life could indicate the end of their relationship.

For singles, the angel number 88 can indicate a new romantic interest and the beginning of a relationship.

Whether it heralds the end or the beginning of a relationship, the outcome will be beneficial. The end of a relationship will make room for something new and better to come into your life.

The angels will make sure that everything is fine in your love life, you just need to be patient. They remind you to open your heart to love.

Numerological facts about the angel number 88

Numerological facts about the angel number 88

The number 88 contains the amplified energy of the number 8.

When this number is reduced to a single digit, we get the number 7, so the symbolism of the number 88 is a mixture of energies and attributes of the numbers 7 and 8.

The number 7 represents wisdom, analysis, introspection, spirituality, and the number 8 represents efficiency, business and wealth building.

As a mixture of these two numbers, the number 88 in numerology stands for efficiency, analytical problem solving and goal achievement, and intuitively getting the answers from within.

People who resonate with this number tend to create things of lasting value.

If the number 88 is the number of your destiny, you are most likely an intuitive and analytical person.

You’re interested in growing your business and accumulating wealth.

You’re also interested in creating things that are long lasting.