20 Time-Saving Signs She’s A Keeper (Wife Material)

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
Time-Saving Signs She’s A Keeper

YOU ONLY GET MARRIED ONCE… at least that’s the plan… Unfortunately, more than 50% of U.S. marriages fail, many due to extramarital affairs.😩 For that reason, when you finally decide to tie the knot, you want to be sure it’s with THE ONE (No pressure right!).

But don’t wave marriage goodbye just yet, cause using Psychology and Statistics from around the web, I’ll be providing you with 20 bulls-eye signs she’s a keeper. 

You’ll be able to distinguish whether she’s the one or simply another temporary conquest.

She displays 5 or more of the following signs she’s a keeper…

#1 Her biological parents are still married.

One fact of life is that children tend to model their parents, even into adulthood. That’s why people tend to be of the same religious and political affiliation as their mom and dad. However, another surprising fact is that we also model the quality of relationship our parents share!

study found that children of divorce tend to marry other children of divorce, and eventually, data shows they go on to end their own marriage.

So if her parents are still happily married, it’s a very positive sign! 👍

#2 She comes from a religious background. 

Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant because numbers don’t lie. 

According to data from the recent General Social Survey, people who assisted religious service less reported higher instances of infidelity. More assistance correlated with less reports of infidelity.

Imagine being told daily that God is aware of your wrongdoings and believing that he punishes you for it. Looking at it like that, its easy to see why these women are less prone to cheat. And the cherry on top: God-believing girls tend to be prude as well as more submissive to their man. Two big positives when it comes to the longevity of a marriage.

#3 She likes kids

If your plan is to have kids later on in life, you better make sure your girl does too. Many women are choosing the career route over the mommy route. If a disconnect exists in this area, the relationship won’t work! 🙅🏽‍♂️

#4 She’s a conservative 

People who identify as Republicans tend to have fewer instances of infidelitystudies say. In particular, conservative girls. These women tend to be more traditional, so they cherish things like family, ethics & morals, hard-work, patriotism, and GOD. All qualities that in the past made up the traditional American family, and led to long-lasting marriages.

In the 1930’s the divorce rate was as low as 16% in the U.S, compared to today’s 50%. (source)

#5 Her “count” is low

A Rolls Royce can only be experienced by a select few…That’s why it’s valuable

Like the Rolls, if she is and has been exclusive, that’s a good sign she’s a keeper. 👸🏼

You enjoy conversations with her

#6 You enjoy conversations with her

Most often, I find conversations with most women to be shallow and repetitive. However, when a woman that can make the convo flow smoothly—it’s a beautiful thing! If you can talk to this girl for hours and about anything, that’s a good sign she’s different. Just make sure the attentiveness is not a side effect of your infatuation for her. You must genuinely like her mind, kind of like talking to a best friend.

In a survey of 100 mental health professionals, bad communication was listed as the number one factor leading to divorce.

#7 She’s also your best friend.

If you can be entirely yourself around her without any fear of judgment or rejection, that’s an excellent sign you guys are made for each other! Or better yet, if you can literally just sit there and do nothing and still enjoy each other’s company… It means the bond you two share goes beyond just a sexual one. You guys have some sort of soulmate type of link.

#8 Your mom likes her

If your mom is a good woman who truly cares for you, then you should value her opinion on this matter. Mothers tend to have a sixth sense when it comes to girlfriends. Plus, you know at the end of the day they just want what’s best for you. So if your mom says she’s a keeper, she probably is.

#9 You have the right kind of fights

Every couple is going to have fights, that’s a given. But when the arguments look like something off of a Rihana music video, be concerned. 😧

A fight with the one should get heated but never disrespectful. If she’s calling you a pussy, throwing things at you, and even swinging at you, that’s a sign she’s not the one. A quality woman will be wise enough to put aside her emotions and bring forth a logical solution. If you have that, keep it! 🔒

#10 She’s emotionally strong

Emotional, weak women, crumble under pressure. So if shit hits the fan (which it will), there’s a good chance she’ll be out the door. And if she doesn’t leave, she’ll just be another weight on your shoulders adding to your stress. The right woman will be emotionally strong. When things go wrong, she will keep it together and be a support, to get through the tough times united.

#11 She’s a stay at home type of girl

If I had a nickel…

For each time I’ve been at the club dancing (very seductively) with a girl, to learn halfway through that she has a boyfriend. Smh… Not to mention all the times I actually got to “briefly” make-out with them till their guilt catches up (could take 30 min or more). 🤦‍♂️ 

Look, obviously, not every girl is like that, some will go to the club and stay faithful. But at the end of the day, we are human, and we make mistakes.

Even if she doesn’t go out with the intention of cheating, she could have a bit too much to drink and end up making a mistake. With a stay at home type of girl, you can avoid this anxiety.

#12 She displays the BIG FIVE of a wife type

The Big Five test is how psychologists determine any given person’s personality. Not only has the Big 5 been around for over 27 years, but multiple research backs up the accuracy of its methods. 

Recent research has indicated that people that score high in certain personality traits tend to be better spouses, leading to satisfying relationships. So if your girlfriend displays a higher level in the following personality traits, that’s one of the better signs she’s a keeper.

Neuroticism: You want low!

People who score high in neuroticism tend to be high in anxiety and volatility, and low in emotional stability and confidence. By far, this personality trait has had the most significant impact on marriage, and that impact is negative! This partner will be untrusting and commonly stressed, most likely becoming an emotional burden for you.

Conscientiousness: Definitely High

A conscientious partner will be organized, responsible, and hard-working. They are less impulsive and unpredictable, meaning they are less likely to cheat. Conscientiousness is also a significant predictor of financial success.

By far, people highest in Conscientiousness and agreeableness, held the highest score in marital satisfaction and longevity.

Agreeableness: High

Most women score high on this, but you want to avoid the few that don’t. This is how friendly and how empathic a person is. So a partner high in agreeableness will be loving, understanding, and less confrontational. Combined with conscientiousness, these two traits give the best chances of a long-lasting happy marriage.

Openness: You want this mid to low

People high in openness are your creative and curious humans. Too much, and you have a woman who wants an open relationship. Too low, and you have a woman who doesn’t want to try new and exciting sex. Other than that, openness doesn’t significantly affect the quality of the relationship.

Extroversion: You want this to match your own

Self-explanatory, these are the people that love attention and want to be in social situations often. Having an extrovert for a partner isn’t necessarily bad, they are high energy and charisma. But if you’re an introvert, this person will wear you out. Extroverts are also more adventurous, which can put them at risk for infidelity.

If you’re not sure what personality trait your girl is, then have her take the test. It’s free at the following website: www.123test.com

#13 Her personality complements yours

If she’s too extroverted and you’re kind introvert, she will wear you out. However, if you’re just a bit on the intro side, then you can benefit from a girl who’s a bit on the extro side (she complements you). The same goes for conscientiousness… A hyper conscientious girl will not mesh well with a laid-back lazy guy. Make sure there is balance. ☯️ 

You share her sense of humor

#14 You share her sense of humor

She must match your level of goofiness!

Other than sex, nothing brings us more shared pleasure than laughter. If you guys can laugh intensely and often, then the future looks promising.

#15 She has that “mom” vibe

“I don’t want a girl who acts like my mom!” Oh, yes you do!

Motherly women posses the following qualities;

  • responsible 
  • loving
  • makes sure you’re on top of $h!t
  • cooks
  • cleans
  • massages you
  • will be an amazing mother to your kids

Basically, this type of girl embraces her womanly role. A crucial factor in building a family and maintaining a longterm relationship.

#16 You’re really attracted to her

If your heart accelerates when you look at her, keep her. If not, that means you settled because you couldn’t find better.

If you settled, then you’re more likely to cheat when another more attractive woman shows you attention.

One way to know if you’re really into her is to imagine having kids with her. Do you like what your future kids look like with her? If the answer is no, you’re settling. 👶🏻✅

#17 She’s selfless but not insecure

A girl with a big ego is bad, well, anybody with a big ego is terrible. These people are selfish and care only for themselves. Plus, when you no longer fulfill a narcissist’s desires, they’ll quickly move on with zero regard for your feelings.

On the contrary, a selfless girl is a jewel. She cares more about making you and the people around her happy, making her a phenomenal wife. But be careful… too selfless, and it could be insecurity. That’s when you get an obsessive jealous girlfriend.

#18 She’s got an education 

If she’s graduated college, that communicates two things 

  1. She has goals of her own
  2. She’s determined

You don’t want a girl that’s a quitter or expects to be taken care of. If she can’t complete a simple bachelors degree, what makes you think she will complete a lifelong marriage with you? Plus, no one Ikes lazy!

studies indicate that college-educated women are more likely to have long-lasting marriages. 👩🏽‍💻

#19 She supports your dreams

I’ll never forget the day one of my exes told me she didn’t believe my dreams were achievable. Right away, I knew this wasn’t the girl for me. If your girl doesn’t support your goals, it means

  • she doesn’t trust you.
  • she won’t stick by while you struggle
  • most likely, she will discourage you
  • she’ll make you do something you don’t want to

On the contrary, a girl that supports your dreams will act as a catapult to get you there quicker! 👰🏻

#20 She’s already tasted the rough times and stayed

It’s impossible to predict what a woman will do when you’re no longer on top. I’ve seen women leave immediately, while others stay and give their man the much-needed support. For that reason, if your current girl has witnessed the less glorious parts of your life and stayed, that’s an enormous sign she’s a keeper!

Brief but powerful signs she’s not a keeper

  1. She’s a feminist
  2. An attention seeker
  3. A social media addict
  4. Huge flirt
  5. She’s a pessimist 
  6. The Kardashians are her idols
  7. She dresses like a stripper in public

How to find a keeper

Finding a keeper can happen in one of two ways; 

  1. Passively and randomly
  2. You actively look for her

If you’re in somewhat of a rush, I recommend that you actively look for her in the following places.

Places where you have a hobby 

Think about it, finding a girl at a location where you already like to spend time, like the gym, soccer field, dance class, school, etc, are all ways you can guarantee that you have similar interests. Making it that much more likely that she’s the one for you. ⚽️ 🏀 ⚾️


One of the signs she’s a keeper was that she’s religious, and the best place to find a religious girl is at church. ⛪️

Move to a conservative City

Another of the signs she’s a keeper is she’s conservative. Remember, a conservative girl tends to be traditional, and values things like family, morals, hard work, and God. This Makes her a great contender to be a wife. Your best chance at finding one of these girls is by going to a place where they’re highly concentrated. 

Here are the top ten most conservative cities in the U.S., according to homesnacks.net

  1. Lafayette, LA 
  2. Tyler, TX 
  3. The Woodlands, TX
  4. Knoxville, TN 
  5. Frisco, TX 
  6. Carrollton, TX 
  7. Murfreesboro, TN 
  8. Chattanooga, TN 
  9. Scottsdale, AZ 
  10. Plano, TX 

Religious or conservative Facebook groups

That’s right, Facebook is still useful after all! In the search bar, look up conservatism or a religion of your choice, you’ll get plenty of results. Then, participate and slide into the DM’s. Repeat with Instagram.

Dating apps or sites that let you filter

While it is true that most girls on dating sites aren’t quality, every once in awhile you can find a diamond in the rubble. You can up your chances of finding this diamond by using sites or apps that let you filter for what you’re looking for.

Once you get on the app, just go to the filters and narrow down to conservative religious girls. Or you can choose to narrow down further if you want. 


There you have it guys! With the provided 20 signs she’s a keeper, plus the 7 signs she’s not a keeper. This should be enough firepower for you to tell if the girl you’re with is the one, or if you need to go out there and find her!