21 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate (Dry Spell)

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
Things Guys Do That Girls Hate

There’s a famous book called Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and with good reason because even though men and women are the same species; we differ in some many areas! It’s almost like everything we guys do girls hate, and the worst part is that they don’t say anything; they keep it in until they dump your ass.

So what can we men do to avoid being unexpectantly left with a broken heart and an empty wallet?

We can learn, that’s what!

We can gather information on how women work and what they desire. We can also gather intel on what they hate; that way we avoid making those mistakes, therefore, keeping her happy and obsessed with you.

So all my fellow men, take out a note pad and pay close attention because here are the 21 things us guys do that girls hate.

#1 girls hate lazy guys

Evolution tells us that in caveman times, it was the man that went out and hunted for food to provide for his family.

For the longest time that has been the norm in our society, the man works and the woman helps out.

Therefore, save yourself from the sure extinction of your genes and appeal to a womans attraction by being a working man.

#2 girls hate clingy guys

Girls want to be part of your universe but not the center of it.

If you are a clingy guy, that will make you repulsive to her. This is because it will show her both consciously and subconsciously that you are a low-value male; one that is so attached to her because no one else would take him.

So give her space!

#3 girls hate guys who are always available

A high value male has a lot going on and girls know this.

For that reason, if you are the type of guy who is always available, this availability will let the girl know that you don’t really have much ambition; that you are a low-value male that got lucky in getting her.

But the luck will run out once she realizes you’re the reacher and she’s the settler.

#4 girls hate guys who agree with everything they say

Nothing turns a woman on more than a guy who is 100% honest.

He knows who he is, what he likes, and what he hates. This man will let her know when something doesn’t sit nicely with him, and she likes that.

On the other hand, beta males are scared to upset her, therefore, they tend to agree with everything she says, and she hates that. It’s not only dishonest but WEAK! Not a trait of a strong alpha.

#5 girls hate guys who don’t lead

Imagine being a woman with three kids during the bronze age; you’re trying to feed your children while at the same time trying to keep social order in the family.

It’s not an easy job is it?

But now imagine having to also make all the decisions, for yourself and your husband; that just wouldn’t be a very efficient team.

For that reason, women are pre-programmed to be attracted to leaders, men that are decisive and have a plan of action to assure survival.

If you don’t lead then, that means you are rejecting your role as a man, and for that, women will respond negatively to you.

#6 girls hate guys who always ask for permission

Men are born to be leaders; he leads his family to a better life. If you ask her for permission for every move you want to make, then how can she trust you to guide her and her baby if she mates with you?

She can’t!

Therefore she will despise you for this.

Remember, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

#7 girls hate guys who take too long to make a move

As mentioned in the last point, women want leaders, who are decisive and confident.

By taking too long to make the move, it lets her know you’re not a confident man; let’s her know you are a coward that is afraid to take risks, and women hate cowards!

#8 girls hate guys who talk excessively

Women love to talk, and if you’re talking over them or won’t give them a chance to talk then they will get annoyed. Simple.

#9 girls hate guys who shy from confrontation

Women want to feel protected by their man; they want to know that if another man larger than them comes to harm them, that their man will be there to protect them.

Now, how can she expect that from a coward that shies away from confrontation?

She won’t.

#10 girls hate guys who are cocky

Being cocky usually stems from insecurity, and women hate insecure men. Be confident, not cocky. Confidence is real.

Don’t know how to become confident?

#11 girls hate guys who are dependent

A woman needs to know her man can provide for her and her children.

Therefore, she knows that a man that is dependent and can’t take care of himself is never going to be able to care for her and her child also.

#12 girls hate momma’s boys

Women need to know that if they marry you, then they will become the number one woman in their life. And women are not stupid, they know a momma’s boy is less likely to make them the number one, over their momma.

#13 girls hate negative guys

Simple. No one likes negative people.

#14 girls hate guys who don’t communicate

A relationship requires tons of communication in order for it to work. So, women understand that a man who can’t express his feeling and workout solutions, is a man that is going to fail in a relationship.

#15 girls hate guys with poor hygiene

Do you like dirty, smelly girls? Exactly

#16 girls hate indecisive guys

Again, women like leaders, and leaders make decisions and deal with the results. Be indesisive, and she will be desisive in not choosing you!

#17 girls hate unpunctual guys

Lack of punctuality shows lack of caring, and a woman cannot be with a man who doesn’t care for her; she finds him useless.

#18 girls hate guys who never make plans

Ever heard the song, “Girls just wanna have fun?” Well, it’s a true story bro.

#19 girls hate predictable guys

One word. Boring!

#20 girls hate guys who take them for granted

There are hundreds of other men wanting to be with her on Instagram alone! Take her for granted and she will find someone who won’t.

#21 girls hate guys who complain all the time

Women and children complain. Men find solutions!