27 Benefits of Staying Single

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
Benefits of Staying Single

Too often, I see men get depressed about being single, either because they just got out of a serious relationship or have simply been single for a while.

Little do they know how much they are actually gaining! Gains in character, health, riches, and even happiness! Here are 28 ridiculously rewarding benefits of staying single, which will make you question if relationships are even for you!

#1 More Mental capacity

Remember Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire Facebook guy? He has a closet full of the same color shirts, so he doesn’t have to choose what to wear in the morning.


Well, Mark believes we have a limited daily amount of mental resources. And Mark is right! A study done in 2014 confirms that the more decisions one has to make, the less mental energy one has after each choice.

Now think about the mental energy you use up with a woman? The Exertion that comes in the form of questions and/or choices. Here are a minuscule number of them.

  • Movies or dinner?
  • What should we eat?
  • What gift will she like?
  • Why is she upset?
  • Where are her keys?

#2 Better chance of getting rich

It’s no secret that being rich takes an infinite amount of hard work. You have to outsmart and outwork everyone who wants your spot on the Forbes list. But how are you going to dedicate 14 hour days to your craft if you have a girl nagging you to spend time with her?

“Most people work 9-to-5. I work 95 hours [per week]. If you ever want to be a millionaire, you need to stop doing the 9-to-5 and start doing 95.”-Grant Cardone, Multimillionaire

There are advantages to being a single man in every age range. But, generally, the younger you are, the higher your health and energy. Therefore, the benefits of being single in your 20s are a level above the rest.

#3 Easier to travel


  • She wants to go to italy, but you want to go to Egypt.
  • You get days off in March, but she can only get them in May.
  • She has no money for the plane ticket, so you have to wait until she saves up.

Single… Pack up your shit and go!

#4 You stay in shape

I know you’ve noticed how, when a friend gets in a relationship, they stop going to the gym. Maybe it’s even been you! It’s the sad reality, relationships get you FAT.

A 2013 research study of 169 newlywed couples in the journal Health Psychology showed that happily married couples tend to put on weight within four years after their wedding.

Gains > Girls

#5 You get to keep your Girl-friends

Like this poor fellow, many men can’t have girls as friends. Women don’t like to share attention, remember that!

#6 No mother-in-law 


#7 Helps build the patience to wait for the one you want

With almost 50% of all marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce (source). It is crucial to marry someone that you genuinely want to be with, and not settle out of loneliness.

By staying a single man you develop patience and get to think deeply about the woman you want for the rest of your life.

46% of surveyed people said they’d leave their spouses or partners to be with their true love. (Result found in a research survey of married couples done by Siemens Festival Nights).

Get to save money

#8 Get to save money

It isn’t a well-known cliché for no reason. Being with a woman can run you thin in cash, especially if you catch you, one of them gold-diggers. But even with a regular chick, here are a few instances where you spend money.

  1. Birthday present
  2. Weekly dinner dates
  3. Valentines gift
  4. Anniversary outing
  5. Christmas present
  6. Bills she can’t cover

#9 No curfew

In the absence of a girlfriend to ask about your whereabouts, being home before 11pm becomes optional. 👌🏼

#10 Better friendships

A study explored how people choose to spend time with one person over another, suggest that bonds with family and closest friends take a hit when people begin a romantic relationship.

By choosing to stay single you can nourish those friendships frequently, leading to a solid bond.

#11 Closer family ties

Like with friendships, a girlfriend will take away from the time you spend with family. This can make your family resentful since your girl will make you spend the holidays with her and HER FAMILY.

#12 Better night sleep

  • Expectation;
  • Reality;

#13 No need to remember special dates

Women expect you to remember everything, and if you don’t, well, be prepared to hear about it! Therefore, be happy and rejoice because you get to keep your memory and peace of mind by choosing to stay a single man.

#14 Develop better social skills

By avoiding a serious relationship early on, you get to attend a variety of social events where you can develop valuable social cues. You’d be surprised how handy these can be later in life. 

#15 Gets rid of your neediness 

Many men are extremely unattractive to women because they are super needy. At the sight of a woman, they stare and salivate like hungry dogs who can’t control themselves. 😒

However, one of the benefits of staying a single man is learning how to control your urges. Little by little, you’ll become less reactive to women, making it so that they chase you! I wrote about this phenomenon in my how to become a chick magnet article, check it out.

#16 Keeps you from awkward guy talk

We all know this petty scene;

Your girl drags you out to meet her best friend (who also brings her boyfriend). The girls go on to introduce the two of you and leave you to “chat.” Next thing you know, the two of you sit there awkwardly, looking for words… The girls look from afar grinning, like if they just got their two Shih Tzu’s to play together.

Avoiding this embarrassment,.. Is one of the more significant benefits of being a single man.

#17 Get to do only what you like

Being in a relationship comes with many sacrifices, one of the most common being, having to compromise and doing what your girlfriend wishes 70% of the time. On the other hand, when single, you can rejoice in another one of the advantages of being a single man… Getting To Do What You want 100% Of The Time! 😍

#18 No girly messes

You get to avoid this.

#19 You get better at game

Ever notice how hard it is for guys to move on after a lengthy relationship, compared to women? Why is that?

Perhaps because as soon as the couple splits, the woman gets immediate attention from other men. She doesn’t even have to move a pinky, and guys are knocking at her door. And the guy? Well, let’s just say one woman shows up at his door… his mom.

As a single man, you don’t have to worry, being single forces you to stay on top of your game. The result? Consistently having women around you!

#20 Get to flirt often and freely

Without a jealous girl, there is nothing to feel guilty about. Flirt your little tush off!

#21 Move at your own pace

Often when a man is in a relationship, he is either forced to grow too fast or held back by his woman; it all depends on what stage she’s at. Perhaps at your current stage, you don’t want to get a life career yet, and while single, you don’t have to. So party on! 😎

#22 You genuinely get to know yourself

This is probably my favorite of all of the benefits of not being in a relationship. You find yourself on a profoundly. But how?

You see, too many people base their self-value on whether other humans want to be in a relationship with them. These are very insecure people who hop around from one relationship to another, all so they could feel worthy. However, when you choose to be alone, you find other sources to draw your value. Some of these include spirituality, accomplishments, acts of kindness, inner-strength, or even the fact that you exist.

#23 Full focus to accomplish greater things

Again, a relationship takes massive amounts of time from you. So if your goal is to accomplish a nearly impossible feat, for example, being an Olympic gold medalist. Then one of two things need to happen, to be single to dedicate all your time to that feat or find a girl who’s all in with you. The latter is highly unusual.

#24 Less anxiety

One of my favorite Psychologist Dr. Jordan Perterson once said;

“People are capable of taking a lot of pain, and in many forms. But one thing people aren’t capable of taking is betrayal.”

An issue of the Marriage and Divorce journal stated that 70% of all Americans engage in some kind of affair sometime during their marital life.

As sad as it may be, the reality is that being single means less anxiety about being cheated on.

#26 Self-dependency 

Being a single man teaches you to rely on no one but yourself!

#27 You get to make fun of your friends in relationships 

To have a good laugh…

Send your buddy a selfie at the beach, while sipping on a rum and coke with some girls. Just say: “missing you bud.” 😂