5 Online Mentors To 10X Money, Relationships, and Self-worth

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
Online Mentors To 10X Money

Everybody wants it, most pretend to have it, and only a few achieve it.

I’m talking about success.

Success is a destination, one that requires a lengthy journey full of hard work, failures, sacrifices, and tough lessons. For that reason, most people never actually get there, it takes too much effort, and for way too long.

But what if I told you that you could cut the length of your journey to success in half? By obtaining something that most people fail to get, would you believe such a claim?

Well, Surprise surprise, online mentors have entered the chat.

So What Is A Mentor Anyway?

To put it in simple terms, a mentor is a guide in your field, a person that has already been through his journey and succeeded. This person knows all the ins and outs of how to get to that destination you crave so badly.

They can provide you with the crucial wisdom that will speed up your journey to success dramatically.

By having a mentor you can jump over the trial and error stage.

A hell of a shortcut, that comes about only because the mentor can guide you on what to avoid, and what to act on.

His words and support will also motivate you and inspire you.

These benefits of tested knowledge and emotional support, is something that no amount of hard work, reading, or discipline can bring you.

Take a look at the following list of hyper successful individuals who utilized mentors and became the greatest at what they do.

  • The greatest basketball player ever Michael Jordan had his college coach Dean Smith
  • Top 5 basketball star Kobe Bryant had Michael Jordan and Bill Russell
  • Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs
  • The second richest man in the world Bill Gates had Warren Buffet
  • Billionaire Richard Branson had Sir Freddie Laker
  • The first billionaire African American woman Oprah Winfrey had Maya Angelou

Those are just a few, but there are many more successful peeps that at some point had the guidance of a mentor.

Now, the million dollar question (literally), where and how can you get a mentor?

Twenty years ago, I would have told you, “you’re shit out of luck.” Because finding a mentor with the knowledge to propel you forward is not an easy task. Not only do you have to find someone who’s legit, but also someone who genuinely wants to help you.

Twenty years ago, discovering a mentor meant you had to find yourself in the right place and becoming acquainted with the right people.

So then maybe, just maybe, someone would connect you to the right mentor.

Fortunately, today through the use of social media, you can access Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Linked In, and in a matter of minutes, find tons of online mentors

The following 5 online mentors are men that everyone should adopt. Especially younger men who are struggling with life’s challenges, and want to better themselves. Men who feel that something is missing. Men that know their potential is far greater, than what they are currently putting out. 

Online Mentors 1: Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a brilliant clinical psychologist/professor from Canada. He’s a master at his craft, so much so, that he has even taught at Harvard!

Dr. Peterson has recently (2017-2018) exploded in popularity, because of his appearances in several news channels and podcasts. Some include the Joe Rogan Experience, Real time with Bill Maher, and Vogue.

Jordan has a highly objective outlook on like. He is constantly searching for the truth, and doesn’t expect anything in life to be easy. Dr. Peterson expresses that life is supposed to be challenging, and even unfair at times.

Through sharing his lectures, Jordan has amassed many follower, as well as many haters. Which is expected, since no one likes to hear that they aren’t successful because of their shitty decisions.

“Face the demands of life voluntarily. Respond to a challenge, instead of bracing for catastrophe”Jordan Peterson

On Youtube, there are many binge-worthy videos of Jordan. I urge you to look them up!

In them, Jordan defends his views against malicious journalists, who are constantly trying to make him look bad.

Jordan dismantles most of his haters with logic and facts, the journalists don’t stand a chance! Jordan is way too smart. It’s quite funny, and cringeworthy!

One time, while being interviewed on the topic of equality, by widely known feminist Cathy Newman. Jordan destroyed her, after she tried to get him to say something controversial to damage his reputation.

Look for yourself!

I first encountered Peterson on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and after hearing him speak for about 5 minutes…

I could tell he was speaking truth.

Jordan mainly focuses on human behavior, no surprise, since he’s a psychologist. He tackles topics like morality, competence, mental illness, social hierarchies, religion, attraction, and even some politics.

What I really enjoy and admire about Peterson is, that he uses science and logic to make and back up his arguments. Jordan rarely engages in a discussion that he has no facts or prior research on.

So it’s safe to say that Jordan Peterson is a good, trustworthy man.

Why You Should Listen To Jordan Peterson?

Simple, he has so much valuable wisdom!

He’s a highly trained psychologist, who has a pretty good grasp on how human beings work.

However, I do believe some people need his wisdom more than others. Primarily, people who are feeling lost.

If you’re someone who has no idea what your purpose in life, and you go through your days feeling blank and empty; Dr. Peterson can help you a ton!

If you’re a man struggling to fit in with society, then Dr. Peterson can help you too.

He’ll show you ways to become competent and valuable; to women and the community.

Lastly, if you are someone who is on the verge of losing your spouse, Dr. Peterson can also help you there.

He’s a genius on romantic relationships! He can help you reignite that lost flame!

There is much more you can learn from Dr. Peterson, follow him now!

Where Can You Find Dr. Peterson?

Dr. Peterson can be found all over Youtube. If you type his name in the search bar, you’ll get a ton of his interviews and debates.

He also has a podcast and Youtube channel. And you desire to see him speak in person, or want to buy some of his bestselling books, then just visit his website: https://jordanbpeterson.com

Online Mentors 2: Owen Cook AKA RSD Tyler

Also known as RSD Tyler, Owen Cook is a master of social dynamics. Men and women are his specialty.

That balding ginger has slept with more women than me and you can count.

I discovered Tyler when I broke up with my ex-girlfriend in 2013. That break-up left me so depressed, that I began to look for ways to ease the pain, and that’s when I ran into Tyler’s Youtube channel.

I was fascinated by the idea that you didn’t have to leave it to destiny to be with a beautiful woman, Instead, you could take it into your own hands!

What Tyler teaches is referred to as “game,” and it’s how clueless, domesticated men can attract hot women. The byproduct of his teachings: becoming super confident and social.

Tyler is one of the pioneers of game, he’s done it for 15+ years. So you know he’s the real deal!

Why Should You Listen To Tyler?

Everybody wants a mate, it’s part of biology.

Therefore, everyone should know how to engage, talk to, and attract a member of the opposite sex. And that’s why you should listen and learn from Tyler. 

Before I discovered Tyler I had no idea how to speak to women. I would still try, but fail 9 out of 10 times.

All the failure affected my confidence. As a result, I was a young kid with low self-esteem.

Since discovering Tyler’s channel and watching hours upon hours of his content… I have now spoken to hundreds of women, and slept with more than I could have ever imagined back in the day!

Since discovering and binging on Tyler’s channel, I no longer fear approaching and talking to women.

My confidence is now through the roof, since I know what to do. I’m prepared to take action and get what I want!

So if you’re struggling with love, then I suggest you go watch RSDTyler. Also, check out my article on attracting women, where I reveal all the secrets I learned from Tyler.

Change your mindset, attain the knowledge, and watch your love life improve dramatically.

Where Can You Find RSD Tyler?

You can find Tyler’s videos on Youtube, just type RSD Tyler on the search bar; you’ll get hundreds of results.

Most of the videos are long, but they offer amazing field-tested content; all free!

Online Mentors 3: Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is a former navy seal who amassed many victories while fighting in Iraq. While in service, he received a Silver Star and a Bronze Star for his courage. He’s a total badass!

Ever since his retirement in 2010, Jocko has been teaching the nuances of leadership. A skill he mastered while leading his troops in battle. 

Jocko teaches Leadership through his books complete ownership, and discipline equals freedom. Both are New York times best sellers.

The Jocko’s podcast, which he started a little over 2 years ago, now has over 350 thousand listeners! It was inspired by Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan experience (where I first found Jocko).

Jocko Preaches always taking complete ownership of your shit, and never blaming anybody for your lack of success.

Jocko one of the few who practices what he preaches, this man never takes a day off! If you look up his Instagram account, you can see Jocko gets up at 3:30 am every day to workout. 

It’s hard to deny the fact that whatever he’s doing seems to be working, his success speaks for itself.

Why Listen To Jocko?

At some point in your journey, you’re going to be wiser than others on your team, that means you’re gonna have to lead.

By listening to Jocko, you’ll gain wisdom on how to lead a group to success.

Also, if you feel like a complete failure, then Jocko is the online mentor for you. He has a way of motivating people and snapping them out of a funk.

Jocko can teach you how to overcome and conquer. 

Where Can You Find Jocko?

Jocko Willink has his podcast on Itunes, find him there. He has his two books “Discipline equals freedom” and “extreme ownership,” which are on Amazon and Audible. Also, search up the interviews he’s done with Joe Rogan and others on Youtube.

Online Mentors 4: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the type of guy, that if you don’t know him, you’d think of him as a loudmouth, arrogant prick. But that’s far from true.

Once you go deeper into who Gary is, you’ll realize he is actually a brilliant businessman who speaks the truth. 

So, who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary is an immigrant from Russia, whose family came to the states in pursuit of a better life.

From the beginning, Gary took advantage of the free commerce available in the US. While only a child, Gary sold lemonade and baseball cards to other kids in his neighborhood. He even employed some of them!

He claims that entrepreneurship always came naturally to him, which makes sense, because he’s a genius!

After barely getting through high school, Gary went to work for his dad’s liquor store. He grew it to a 60 million dollar company!

Gary claims he worked 14 hr days, 7 days a week. He had zero social life for 10 years! Talk about discipline and obsession!

Eventually, Vaynerchuk left his dad’s business to create his own business, a social media agency (Vayner Media). Today Vayner Media manages the social media of companies like Pepsi, Toyota, and Chase Bank.

Along with growing Vayner media, Vaynerchuck also gives speeches on business and shares his knowledge on leveraging the internet to build businesses.

Today Gary is super successful and is known widely among the business community.

As of now, his Youtube channel has 1.8 million subscribers. He also has four published books, all bestsellers! Not to mention, Gary is the first entrepreneur to have a signature shoe.

Why Listen To Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary tells people the ugly truth!

He doesn’t sugarcoat shit, like some of those success gurus who tell people, “there’s a secret way” or “use the law of attraction.” 

No, Gary tells people it’s going to be inconceivably hard. He tell them they are going to have to work their ass off every single day, all day!

Gary also teaches about perspective and gratefulness, because you can’t become a successful businessman with a bitter, victim-like mentality.

Basically, the main reason you should listen to Gary, is because the path to financial success is basically the same in every avenue.

You need to provide free value, up until you get to that point where you’ve built a big enough audience to start selling your content.

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, then Gary should be your go to of the online mentors.

So if you believe you can give something to the world, and you want to gain financial freedom, then listen to this man. He is a genius when it comes to building a brand/business empire.

Where Can You Find Gary?

Like I mentioned earlier, Gary has a very popular Youtube channel called Gary Vee.

You can also find his podcast called The Garyvee audio experience.

Gary has written four book. I’ve personally read two of them, Crush it and Crushing it. The books are very entertaining and provide maximum value. All on how to grow a brand through the use of the internet and social media.

Check out his website: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com

Online Mentors 5: David Goggins

I discovered David on the Joe Rogan podcast, and let me tell you, after listening to this man speak for 10 minutes, I grabbed my car keys, drove to the gym, and proceeded to have my best workout session ever!

David’s story is so inspiring and he tells it with such passion, that it can give anyone chills!

David grew up in a harsh neighborhood, he was always bullied and harassed. On top of that, he had a father who regularly beat him and his mother.

As a result, David grew up to be a young adult with low-self esteem and with a desperate need for validation. To satisfy his need for approval, David adopted the role of class clown. But he wasn’t making everyone laugh, many people still mistreated him.

Although he hid it well, David felt like a fraud, profoundly miserable inside. He was overweight and made living spraying cockroaches. His life was at such a low point that suicide sounded like a decent idea. 

One day, David decided he had enough, and went on a life-changing journey. A journey that would motivate him to join the navy seals, run ultra-marathons, and earn him the title of the baddest man in the world! 

Today, David is a successful motivational speaker, not just because of everything he has accomplished, but because of the way he speaks.

David speaks with an unmatched passion. He lets people know that suffering not only good. but necessary. He lets them know they need to man up and overcome.

Why You Should Listen To David Goggins

You should listen to David Goggins because his passion and determination are contagious. Like I mentioned earlier, the way he spoke motivated me to have my best workout ever, and it can do the same for you!

Aside from motivating, David can give you useful tips to become a tougher man. The kind of man that men want to be, and women want to be with.

In this day in age people are so scared of suffering, they avoid pain at all costs. Goggins teaches the opposite, he says you should put yourself in painful situations, to find out who you really are.

If you want to be the type of man that isn’t fazed by anything, and can overcome any situation, then I suggest you listen to David Goggins right away! One of my fav online mentors!

Where Can You Find David Goggins?

David can be found all over Youtube sharing his story with the top podcasters. Recently, Goggins started his own website https://davidgoggins.com. There he promotes book (a bestseller) Can’t hurt me. Also check him out on Instagram @Davidgoggins, for daily motivation and accountability for your ass!


Do you want the shortcut to success? Well, that shortcut is online mentors. In a few hours they can provide you with sacred knowledge, that would have taken you years to attain.

  1. Jordan Peterson
  2. Jocko Willink
  3. Owen Cook
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk
  5. David Goggins