5 Ways Your Dead End Job Is Leading To Your Unhappiness

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
5 Ways Your Dead End Job Is Leading To Your Unhappiness

Ever wonder why you feel so extremely miserable at your job? Is it normal to feel this way, or is something wrong with you? What can you do to fix this feeling of fulfillment?

These are questions that are all too familiar to people who are working a dead end job. Let’s drop the bullshit and get deep into why you’re depressed at your job, and why it is crucial that you do something about it ASAP!

10 signs that you’re working at a dead end job:

  • You show up late
  • You dread waking up to work in the morning
  • Can’t keep a good mood while at work
  • Feel out of energy the days you work
  • You hate everyone at your job
  • Acting like an asshole when you’re not one
  • The only thing you look forward to is the time to leave work and the weekend
  • You think about quitting all the time
  • You put the minimal effort into your work tasks
  • When no one is looking you take time to relax

1. Wasting Your Natural Talents

Suppose Lebron James never got introduced to basketball. Instead, he took the conventional route of finishing high school and then going on to work a 9 to 5 making appointments for a doctor. Think of all the God-given athleticism he would have wasted if that was the case, all that potential thrown in the trash because he chose the conventional route!

Well, even though you may not possess the natural athleticism that Lebron James has, there are other unique talents that you do own, everybody does! And that is one of the reasons why you are miserable at your dead end job; you are not excelling and utilizing your natural skills.

Think of it like this, Have you ever played a sport or a game that you got good at pretty quickly, to the point that the other people around you praised you for it? How rewarding did that feel? Doesn’t It feel fantastic?

And that feeling is the one you lack at your dead end job. You are doing something that is unnatural to you; therefore, there is no excitement or fulfillment there. It is just the same repetitive, redundant task day in and day out.

So, do yourself a favor and quit that repetitive, “has me feeling dead inside” job that you’re currently at, and find a job that puts your natural talents to good use. The world deserves the best of what you can offer!

The stats above could be a reason why so many people feel depressed nowadays. Other than when you’re in your bed sleeping, work is where you spend most of your life, so why waste it doing something you hate?

2. Drains Your Energy

Ever leave work feeling like you died a little? Like if you’re Superman and Lex Luthor just put you through some heavy torture via kryptonite? That is how I felt every single day after leaving my dead end job; the energy was completely drained from my being.

So how is it that one is supposed to go out and have a life outside of work when you have no energy? That’s right; you can’t! And this is another form of how your dead end job is ruining your life; it is leaving you with no energy for anything else — no excitement to live outside of work.

All your motivation and excitement is taken from you because you spend 8 hrs doing something you hate, and the next day you know that you must be right back for another nightmare shift.

On the other hand, think about how doing something your passionate and focused about will make you feel after you’re done? Full of life and accomplished, that’s how!

Knowing that you got so much work done and that you actually did something useful with your time. Now that will leave you feeling like a champion at the end of the day. Therefore, you can go home feeling great and full of energy to enjoy the well deserved time off and rewards from working so hard and passionately.

10 signs that youre working at a dead end job

3. Makes You Feel Like A Failure

Why do you feel like a failure at your dead end job? Simple, you don’t achieve anything. We, humans, are programmed to enjoy the sweet feeling of winning and being praised for our accomplishmentsThat is why we admire winners so much; we idolize them.

When Michael Jordan was playing basketball, he wasn’t playing just because it was fun; he was trying to win. Michael was trying to accomplish the ultimate goal of being the best, and for that, he is now recognized and praised for.

But who’s going to praise you for inputting information into a computer? Who’s going to give you recognition for serving someone their food at a restaurant? Nobody! There is no sense of achievement in that.

For that reason, the lack of winning and being praised for what you do will make you feel like a complete failure. Your one life, you spent it doing something which calls for no recognition. And that is a horrible way to live; it is ruining your life.

So get a job where you can do something unique, a position where people will look at what you’re doing and think “wow, that is so cool, I wish I could do what he does.” The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel from a job like this will raise your serotonin and dopamine levels, making you feel happy and fulfilled about your life.

4. Kills Your Manliness

Can you picture a gladiator or a king working behind a desk taking orders from people? Probably not, because those are not the actions of a testosterone filled man.

Manly men do things which satisfy their need for competition, which is a side effect of our predominant hormone testosterone. When you don’t fulfill your requirement for competition, then you’re going against your instinct, and the result will be feeling miserable.

So understand that every day that you spend at your dead end job, you are killing your masculine drive little by little. To the point that eventually your testosterone will drop and once that happens, your energy, sex drive, and will to live will drop even lower than where it might be now.

Plus keep in mind that, no woman ever said, “My man is so strong, he answers calls for a living.”

5. It’s Killing Your Brain Cells

The thing about a dead end job is that is bearly stimulates your mind at all. Most of the time you’re stuck doing some repetitive task that takes minimal if any mental effort at all.

As the men that we are, we are very logical individuals, for the most part; that means that we like to solve problems and figure out ways to get shit done.

But when working at a dead end job how are you supposed to solve anything? You’re literally losing brain cell because of the lack of critical thinking involved there.

As the man that you are, get a job that challenges you mentally, not only will it give you a sense of usefulness, but you’ll hold on to, and even create more precious brain cells.

Whatever the type of intelligence you excel at, then take that type of career. For example, if you’re good at math, then do engineering. If you are highly creative, then do some entrepreneurship type of job.

Every kind of man can find something to do, even if you’re a guy who talks alot; do a job that requires speaking like a motivator, or life coach. But whatever you do, don’t settle for a job that doesn’t put your brain to good use.


There is no use for working a dead end job that doesn’t fully express who you are. As long as you’re working this job, you will not be as happy as you can be. You could maybe pull it off for a while, but eventually, the lack of accomplishment and the repetitiveness will get to you.

Plus, do you really want to work most of your life at a place you have, only to enjoy 10 to 20 years of old age when you retire? Therefore, make the change; the dead end job is ruining your life by;

  • Waisting your natural talents
  • Draining your energy
  • Making you feel like a failure
  • Slaughtering your manliness
  • Killing your brain cells