9 Signs a Girl Likes You (99.7% Accurate)

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
Signs a Girl Likes You

Is it a figment of your imagination, or does that girl you’ve been crushing on actually showing signs that she likes you?

One minute she appears to be flirting with you, and then the next she gives you some cold shoulder therapy. It can get extremely confusing.

Unfortunately, she’s not going to tell you, it’s your job to find out. However, there are very subtle signs a girl that likes you is giving off and I am going to help you spot them in the following article.

Here are 9 signs a girl likes you, that will give you 100% certainty whether she really is into you or not.

(SPOILER) The last sign is a biggie, you don’t want to miss it. Let’s roll!

Signs A Girl Likes You #1: She’s Shy When You Talk To Her

Every girl is different and every girl will react differently to you. This sign can be a bit misleading if you are not aware of the type of girl you’re dealing with.

Follow me here…

If you know for sure you are dealing with an outgoing girl, but then when you go speak to her, she somehow turns into a shy girl, even showing the following signs of nervousness

  • blushing,
  • stuttering,
  • avoiding eye contact

Then this girl probably likes you.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a naturally shy girl. Then this is not a good sign to draw your conclusions from because whether it’s you or some other person talking to her, she is going to act shy.

To really put this sign to the test, next time you talk to that normally outgoing girl try holding strong eye contact with her.

If she looks away quickly, can’t hold, or avoids eye contact completely then that’s a sign that she pretty much finds you extremely delicious.

Touches Her Hair

Signs A Girl Likes You #2: Touches Her Hair

This is one of my favorite signs because It happens really early on (when you first meet) and it is a subconscious action, meaning they can’t control it or even notice that it’s happening.

You see evolution has wired men to be most attracted to the way a woman looks, and mother nature being as smart as she is has given women these powerful features that draw in men like hungry wolves to a fresh kill.

Her hair happens to be one of these powerful features, and she knows this at a conscious and subconscious level.

Therefore, when she is touching and waving her hair around you, what she is really communicating is “I like you, I want you to notice me, look at my beautiful hair, it smells so good”, and guess what, it works!

So next time you are talking to an attractive girl notice her hands, is she touching her hair? If she is, then dude, you are all in there!

Signs A Girl Likes You #3: Laughs At Your Jokes (Even The Non-Funny Ones)

I am by no means a comedian; in fact, most of my jokes I would consider being kind of corny. But this wasn’t the case with this one girl named Andrea.

Andrea made me feel like I was Dave Chappelle at a Saturday night special. She would laugh at anything and everything I would say. She would even tell me how funny I was, and it felt amazing.

A girl that likes you will want to give you validation, and laughing at your flat corny jokes is one of the ways they like to do it.

To my disappointment, though, I found out later that I wasn’t hilarious, instead, Andrea had a massive crush on me :(.

So don’t start thinking about starting your comedy career just yet. Instead, test her by saying jokes that you know for sure aren’t funny, then use your judgment to determine if she actually finds you funny, or if she just likes you. 

Signs A Girl Likes You #4: Draws Attention To Her Goodies

We went over in sign number #2 how a woman’s hair is a powerful feature they use to draw men in. Well, they have a few more..

Yes, I’m talking about her breast, bum, and every other body part that causes a sexual response in you and other men

Women know your innate attraction to these features.

Therefore, when they want to be noticed by a guy they like they begin to draw attention to those body parts.

Two ways they do this is by;

  1. sticking out her chest when she’s talking to you
  2. talks about her ass and her breasts to you.

Another one is if she subtly licks her lips while interacting with you. Once you see that then you know she is probably trying to get your attention.

Signs A Girl Likes You #5: “Randomly” Ends Up Around You

She will never talk to you first, but what she will do is facilitate the situation so you can talk to her. One of the ways she does this is by “randomly” ending up around you.

Us guys can be a bit dumb when it comes to noticing these tricks she plays when she wants you to notice her.

But in a scenario where you’re sitting by yourself in class and she happens to sit next to you or any desk around you out of all the other desks she could have chosen.

Then dude, there is a higher than average probability that she is digging you.

Talk to her!

Comes To You For Questions

Signs A Girl Likes You #6: Comes To You For Questions

Similar to the sign above, this is a way for a girl to close the distance between you and her.

If she comes up to you with a random question that she probably could have found the answer to on her own.

While on top of that skipping everyone else in the room just to come specifically to you, then you know that she is interested, and is trying to find out what you’re all about.

Signs A Girl Likes You #7: Stays Put

This is such an obvious sign that most guys miss, but by learning this you just drastically increased your chances over most guys to get the girl.

You see everyone’s time is precious to them, we always have something to do or somewhere to be, and women are no different.

So if you stop a random girl and she actually sits there and listens to everything you have to say, then that means she thinks you are important enough for her to utilize her precious time on.

Therefore, if the conversation is not going as smooth as you’d like it to be and you are not sure if this girl actually likes you, then just keep interacting. If she doesn’t leave or tells you that she wants to leave

then it’s still game on!

Signs A Girl Likes You #8: Gives You Shit Tests

This sign is a bit more advanced, and most of the time only really seasoned guys who have been gaming for a while can spot it. (The Shit Test!)

Shit Test: when a girl is bitchy to you, teases you, or gives you weird looks.

To a newbie, when a girl acts this way, it makes them believe she is just a bitch that thinks she’s too good for everyone. But to an advanced gamer, he sees opportunity.

You see, the Shit test is a hot girl’s way of finding out whether the confidence you approached her with is real or if it’s just a fake it till you make it kind of deal.

A truly confident man won’t be reactive to her teasing or her dirty looks, he will just keep joking and making his move.To a newbie, this will break his confidence and force him to back down.

It might seem like a bitch move but it’s actually a great way to separate the beta males from the alphas.

The bright side to the shit test is that if you manage to pass it, then she will be so much more attracted to you.

*Be careful though*, don’t mistake a shit test for her actually wanting to be left alone, it can be dangerous.

One way to figure if she actually wants to be left alone or is shit testing you is sign #7 SHE STAYS PUT.

#9: She’s Physical With You

Here we are at the last point, and you will be glad you made it because I saved the best for last.


this is by far the biggest indicator of interest a woman can give you, and that’s because we humans are wired to only let those we trust or have interest in touch us, especially women.

If you don’t believe me go and try to just poke a woman you don’t know. You will see how quickly she slaps you into another dimension.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that if a woman is letting you touch her or is touching you, then she either trusts you or she likes you. Either way, both are a good thing.

Now by touching I don’t mean you’re going to be grabbing each other’s asses or interlocking lips. Remember women are very subtle. 

She might give you a light tap on the back or on the shoulder, or she might slightly hit you on the chest if you guys are joking around laughing.

So pretty obvious, keep an eye out for any type of physicality she might engage in with you. Also if she is the one to initiate the touching, then she is really really digging you!


As we discussed above, a woman that is touching you without really knowing you, is a woman that is interested in you.

With that being said, the following is a hack you can use to quickly find out if that girl you like is into you.

Let’s say you’re having a conversation with a girl, and it’s all going good but you’re still not sure if she likes you or if she’s just a very social person. What you want to do at this point is to start using physicality.

Find a reason to touch her.

One trick I like to use is telling her I’m a palm reader, this gives me a reason for grabbing her hand and holding on to it. While I’m holding her hand, I’m looking for signs of whether she is enjoying my physicality or not.

Is she resistant in any way? Does she pull away?

If she does, then unfortunately she is probably not into you. But if she gladly gives you her hand and even starts reading yours, then you know you have the green light.

Do not hesitate when you try this. * The key to this trick is confidence*

# Recap

Stop getting frustrated over the uncertainty of whether she likes you or not, instead study and look for the subtle signs a girl likes you, shown below

  • Look for signs of shyness in an outgoing girl whenever you are around or talking to her
  • Does she touch her hair while you are interacting with her? If yes then she may like you
  • Notice if your jokes are really that funny or if she’s just trying to make you feel good because she likes you.
  • Is she sticking out her chest or drawing attention to her ass? If she is then she’s trying to show you her female features because she likes you.
  • If she likes you then she will “randomly” appear around you all the time
  • She will come to you for any random question she has if she likes you
  • If she’s using her precious time to stay and listen to what you have to say, then she thinks you’re worthy of it.
  • She’s teasing you, acting bitchy, or giving you dirty looks? Don’t worry, it may be a shit test to find out if you’re a real man that she can get with
  • If she is initiating physicality or reciprocating it then this is a big indicator that she is into you. Get slightly physical with her to see how she reacts to it, a good reaction means she likes you.