4 Things You Should Do After a Psychic Reading

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: July 28, 2022
Things You Should Do After a Psychic Reading

So, you just had a psychic reading? And you probably paid good money for it, so you may as well do what you can to get the most out of it, right?

Whether you paid a lot of money for a celebrity psychic reading or had an inexpensive reading with our partners at Oranum, the awesome thing about psychic, tarot, or mediumship readings is that the REAL healing/help/positive changes happen AFTER the reading, especially if you use these tips:

What Should I do After a Psychic (or Mediumship) Reading:

1. Go into your heart and reflect

There’s a lot of energy that is flying around when you’re getting a psychic reading. So, instead of just hopping back into your day, allow yourself a little time to:

  • Stop
  • Close your eyes
  • Go into your heart
  • Reflect on your reading

Ask yourself:

How do I feel now?

You may be feeling wonderful and just want to sit in that yummy feeling for a while!

Or you may feel more clarity or peaceful.

Pro tip: Take advantage of any positive feelings that you are having. It’s sooooo easy to slip back into that trap of second-guessing ourselves when we rush back into life without taking the time to reflect.

2. While it’s fresh in your mind, write down notes about your reading

This is another really great thing to do after a psychic reading.

And BTW, it’s important to do this while you’re still in the loving, positive energy of the reading.

Grab a notebook and a pen and write down:

  • What about your reading resonated with you?
  • Did you make any decisions?
  • Gain any insight?
  • Learn anything about yourself?

Write out all of your feelings and, if the day ever comes where you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, you can read your notes to bring yourself back to a peaceful state.

3. Ground yourself

This is important to do after a psychic reading. Remember I said how there is a lot of energy flying around during a reading?

This can leave you feeling a little bit tired or “un-grounded” (like a “flighty” feeling).

For that reason, it can be helpful to do something that pulls the energy down, away from your head (crown chakra) and make you feel reconnected to the earth.

Having a snack or doing a physical activity (like taking out the trash or going for a walk, will help ground you. Here are 7 other grounding ideas.)

4. Make positive changes

The ONE universal reason that people have psychic readings (and if you’ll think about it, you’ll be like oh my gosh. Yes!) is because they want some kind of positive change in their life…

Like clarity or peace or joy!

Whatever it is, use the insight you gained from the psychic reading to make uplifting, positive changes that bring more joy into your life!

One fun way to do this is through journaling. If you’ve never journaled before, this post will teach you how to get started (don’t worry, it’s simple)… and if you have no idea what the heck to journal about, here are 21 ideas.

Another great thing to do is to start clearing negative energy from your life and avoid toxic people. So helpful!