4 Ways to Develop Clairaudience

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: July 29, 2022
Easy Ways to Develop Psychic Hearing

Clairaudience is one of the four major types of intuitive abilities. Today we’re going to talk about what it is and some simple ways to develop it.

About Clairaudience

Clairaudience is defined as clear hearing (see below). It is one of the four major ways to receive intuitive information. It’s a wonderful intuitive ability to have!

Clairaudient messages can come from your Higher Self and your spiritual team: spirit guides, loved ones in heaven, and even angels. You may hear words, phrases, music, or sounds. 

Psychics and mediums are often clairaudient and receive intuitive information and messages from spirits for their clients via this modality.

Clairaudience: From the French word clair which means “clear” and the word audience meaning “hearing.” Also known as psychic hearing or inner hearing.  It means hearing things outside the normal scope of awareness.

What’s it like?

  • Clairaudient messages are usually heard internally, with your inner ear, inside your own head. Spirit communicates telepathically, so that is the reason for this.  

  • It’s usually subtle and sometimes (especially when first experiencing a psychic awakening), it can be difficult to distinguish between these intuitive messages and your own thoughts. Don’t worry, it gets better with practice 🙂

  • It may sound like when you are reading silently to yourself, though you may also hear things that sound different from your own voice, such as a distinct spirit voice or music.

  • Clairaudience can be external, too, though this is not as common. When this happens, it’s often because your spiritual team needs to get you an important message, such as “lookout” ASAP! 

  • When you hear your spirit team externally, it can be startling because the voice may sound distinctly different from the physical voices we’re used to hearing. Yet some people that have had this experience really enjoy it and wish to have it again. 

    If you’re one of those people, you may already be receiving clairaudient messages with your inner hearing (most common), but you just aren’t aware of it. Practicing the exercises below will help:

Example:  My strongest intuitive ability is clairaudience. When I am giving a reading I often hear names. I hear them very clearly in my mind, but they are in my own voice. I also receive auditory impressions which come to me in the form of blocks of thought – they sound like very strong messages that I know come from spiritual guides and ascended masters.

Ways to Develop Clairaudience

Ways to Develop Clairaudience

There are some simple ways to increase your psychic hearing. These exercises are easy, but they will help you become more clairaudient. Just remember to practice, and, more importantly… have patience with yourself. Okay, here we go!

Why do these exercises work? Think of your body as an antenna. Your antenna ‘picks up’ psychic/energetic signals using its extra senses, such as clairaudience. 

Now, keep in mind that when we hear psychically, it is much different than using our physical ears. The sounds are much more subtleSo, by stretching our physical hearing, we are teaching ourselves to hear those more subtle signals as well.

1. Listen

The first thing to do to develop clairaudience is to use your physical ears to listen to the sounds around you. See, I told you it was simple! Close your eyes right now, as long as it is safe to do so.

Really tune in and focus on all those little sounds that you normally don’t pay attention to. What do you hear? Try to differentiate between each unique sound. 

For example, right now I can hear:

  • a bird chirping in the distance
  • trees blowing in the wind
  • the ‘whoosh’ of roller blades outside
  • a hockey stick hitting the pavement as a child zips by
  • an airplane overhead
  • cars in the far distance
  • the hum of my refrigerator in the next room

Okay, I think you get the point. Really though, go wild with this. The more you can stretch your hearing, the better. What do you hear on your right? Your left? And all around you?

Once you’ve practiced this a bit, I think you’ll be surprised to find how much it helps.

2.  Practice with Classical Music

I suppose any music is fine to try this exercise, but if you can get your hands on some classical music, that’s the best choice. Why? Because it’s all instrumental, and it will be easier for the sake of this exercise.

Sit comfortably, start up the music, and focus.  Really listen carefully.  Choose one instrument, and focus on it.  Do you hear a violin?  If so, focus on that for a few moments so that you hear the sound of the violin above all the other sounds. 

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If you are having difficulty, just breathe and focus. Now choose another instrument. Is there a flute? Trumpet? You get the idea.

3.  Imagine the Sounds

This is a great way to stretch those clairaudient muscles! Just as we did with our clairvoyance exercise where we imagined things in our minds eye, we are going to do the same thing with our psychic hearing. 

All you need to do is sit comfortably in a quiet room and use your imagination. Try imagining sounds, such as:

  • the sound of a guitar or other instrument playing
  • a favorite song playing in your head
  • the sound of loved ones voice
  • the sound of a baby laughing
  • the distinct sound of a tool, such as a drill or jackhammer

Practice this for a few minutes each day until it’s easy for you to imagine the sounds in your mind.

4.  Meditate

Meditation is essential to developing psychic abilities, including clairaudience. 

It’s a time for your mind to be at rest, and clear away all the clutter that has accumulated. You wouldn’t let your house fill up with clutter (at least I hope not!), so don’t let your mind, either. Practice meditation about 15 minutes per day if you can. 

Once you’ve got the hang of meditating, you may want to start asking questions during your meditations. 

Ask your guides and your Higher Self any questions you may have, and ask that the information be received via clauraudience. It may come in the form of a word, song, sound, etc.

Remember: Have fun with these psychic development exercises! Don’t put pressure on yourself.  Just relax, enjoy the process, and let things unfold. 

And please note, the information we receive in this manner is not scary and will never tell you to do harm to others. If you are hearing voices in this manner, please seek medical help, for this is not clauraudience.