How to Text a Virgo Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Virgo Man to Make Him Like You

Virgo men are some of the most interesting creatures to walk the face of the earth! Smitten with a man born between 23rd August and 22nd September? Then, you are about to go on a hell of an adventure! Virgo men are sexy, realistic, domineering and (no surprise) perfect.

Everything about Virgo men makes you fall head over heels for them. Their sympathetic and caring nature, their impressive intellect, their ability to make you feel loved and everything in between In fact, some of our favorites such as Nick Jonas, Tom Hardy, Niall Horan and Jungkook also fall in this heavenly category.

Attracting a Virgo man can get quite challenging, and we totally get it. If you find yourself stuck in a limbo and are wondering how to get closer to your dream Virgo man, here is a complete guide on how to text a Virgo man to make him fall in love with you!

1. Take Him by Surprise

That’s right! Virgo men love what they cannot expect. Don’t bore him with the usual ‘hey’ or ‘hello’. Text him when he least expects it! Say things which he would have never expected you to say.

Trust us and keep the monotony out of the equation. We suggest that you slide into his DMs with funny meme or a GIF to start a good conversation. Try to give him something that would make him think “Oh, that’s something!”

She: *Insert funny meme*

He: Haha, that’s hilarious! Do I know you?

She: No, but don’t you want to?

He: Sure. You’re really funny…

2. Become His Friend First

Virgo men don’t easily trust others. However, once you become a friend, they will never let you go. It is absolutely crucial that you start small and become his friend first. Try to become the person that he can depend on.

Once you both become his friend, you can nurture your relationship and take it to the next level! So, make sure that you give him space and try to win him over as a friend first.

She: I heard what happened with your friend the other day. Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.

He: Yeah, he is close to me. It is just a misunderstanding.

She: I totally get it. These things keep happening. Don’t let them get the best of you.

He: Thanks. You’re right…

3. Show Him That You’re a Homebody

Virgo men are huge homebodies. Their expression of love usually comes in the form of doing the dishes, or helping you with your chores or even taking your dog out for a walk! Virgos are simple and realistic.

No hearts and flowers there! If you really want to impress him, don’t let him feel that he is boring. Instead, show him that you understand his idea of romance and you totally approve!

He: Any plans for the weekend?

She: LOL, no. I would rather spend my Friday night on my couch watching Netflix.

He: Actually, me too.

She: Parties are overrated. Who likes to wear uncomfortable clothes and hang out with random people on their day off?

He: Not me, for sure…

4. Engage in Intellectual Discussions

Virgo men are some of the most smart and intellectual people that you will ever come across! All intellectual people love surrounding themselves with others who can stimulate and reciprocate their energy.

Talk about unusual things, or ask about his artistic interests, or maybe start a conversation about a recent political event. Just impress him with your brains!

She: Are you coming to the fried parade this week?

He: I don’t know. I want to go but there’s a lot of work.

She: You have to come! It is a great way to show solidarity. We have to support the movement to reduce the stigma around LGBTQ rights.

He: You are right. We do. I’ll be there…

5. Don’t Make It Cheesy

As you might have noticed, Virgo men are practical and realistic. Don’t worry, they are super sweet and understanding too.

If you’re really giving your everything to make your efforts visible, chances are that he has already noticed it! So, don’t run after the cheesy and filmy romance. Stay grounded and make subtle advances.

She: You looked quite energetic this morning. Hope you’re having a great day!

He: Yes, indeed.

She: That’s great. Nice shirt, BTW. Blue suits your vibe.

He: Oh, thanks. It is actually my favorite color…

6. Positive Vibes Only!

Don’t rain on his parade because Virgo men love optimism and positive energy! When you present your happiest self to him after a long and tiring day, you make his day a whole lot better.

Positive people have a great aura and Virgo men are supremely attracted to it! Try to reflect your positivity in your texts. Show him that you’re not the sulking or brooding type.

He: Have you got any luck with the survey for your project?

She: No, actually I haven’t. But I think it’ll be just fine. I have a few good opportunities coming up!

He: Oh, wow. Good for you to not be disheartened.

She: I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend!

7. Entertain His Exploratory Side

Virgo is an earth sign. As you might have guessed, Virgo men are born explorers! They wish to explore anything and everything that they set their eyes upon. There is a high chance that you Virgo man loves travelling or solo backpacking.

He might be a sucker for world history or indigenous culture. You never know! So, ask a lot of questions and give all the right hints to make him feel in sync with you. If he believes you are a good exploratory companion, you are good to go!

She: Work has been really hectic these few months. TBH, I’m thinking of going to Manali for a trek this weekend. I heard it’s really great.

He: Wow, that sounds like a plan.

She: Yep. I bet there are awesome places to see nearby too. Manali is a discoverer’s dream!

He: Absolutely! I would love to go too…

8. Appreciate His Domineer

Virgo men are beasts at work! You may notice that your Virgo man has excellent negotiating skills. He is probably a diplomat at heart, and knows how to work his way out of any situation on planet earth!

Virgos are usually their own boss and don’t like to work under the influence of others. Don’t assume this to be their megalomania, because they just have naturally domineering personalities! Appreciate his inert quality and work ethic. That alone will do half your job!

She: You are such a hard worker. You deserve a break now!

He: Haha, thanks but I still have a long way to go.

She: Of course, you do. I’m sure your determination will take you lots of places.

He: I hope so. Thank you…

9. Show Him That You Appreciate the Little Things

Attention makes everyone feel special, but what makes a person feel truly special is when you take note of the tiny details. Virgo men are extremely attentive.

When he observes your devotion to the small and insignificant details of his life, he will know for sure that you’re the one! Show him that every little thing matters. Whether anyone notices him or not, you’re there to appreciate all the little things!

She: I guess you mentioned that today is your mom’s birthday. Happy birthday to her!

He: Oh god, you remember. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely convey it to her.  

She: So, are you gifting her the sari she has been wanting for quite some time now?

He: How could you guess? That is exactly what I’m gifting her today.

10. Let Him Be Vulnerable with You

Virgo men are perfectionists by nature. They want everything to go perfectly as planned, with no exceptions. And to be honest, this has its own repercussions. Your special Virgo man might feel a little too underwhelmed or disappointed when things don’t go his way.

Be the one who tells him that it is okay to fail. Be there when he needs your support. Allow him to be transparent with you while you try to show him that being vulnerable with you is okay.

He: I tried to bake a cake today. Didn’t really work out.

She: Oh, that’s fine. Baking take s a lot of practice to perfect.

He: I followed everything in the recipe. IDK why it didn’t come out right at all.

She: Trust me, disasters in the kitchen are very common. I still forget to put salt in my food sometimes LOL.

And that was our list of the top 10 ways to text a Virgo man. We hope it helps you in your mission to achieve your dream boy! Do let us know in the comments section below which of these tips you think was the most effective in impressing your special Virgo man.