33 Heart-Snatching Ways To Be Attractive To Girls

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 4, 2022
Heart-Snatching Ways To Be Attractive To Girls

No fluff here… Just an insanely long, but complete list of ways to be attractive to girls as a man. All backed by psychology, studies, and real-world experience. You’ll also get an explanation of how to put each of these tips and traits into action. So there is no excuse for you not to be attractive to girls. This is the ultimate and only guide you’ll ever need! ✅

The list is broken down into 3 sections; 

Personality: How to be attractive to girls by being an all around cool guy.

Physicality: How to be more physically attractive to women, no matter what you look like.

Seduction: How to appear more attractive as a man towards a particular girl (seduce her).

But first! Check out this survey on what women find attractive, according to women!

I decided to go on multiple dating apps, match with 100 women, and ask all of them what they find attractive in a man. 

After two weeks, and a ton of conversations, these were the results!

Although the responses match the science, we must still address the nuances. Women know what they find attractive in a man at a subconscious level, they don’t really understand it consciously.

So let’s now dive into why women find certain traits attractive, and go over some important traits they love, but never mention, because it’s not in their conscious awareness.

How to attract girls with your personality?

In order to be attractive to girls, men need to realize that personality is EVERYTHING!

It’s what the science says, and what the women voiced in my latest survey.

The fact that personality is what women are mainly attracted to is phenomenal news, here’s why.

Personality is malleable! 🤩🕺🏼

So even if you don’t actively possess the personality traits that women find attractive, you have to power to learn them.

In this section, we dive into the personality traits women find attractive, and figure out why they find them attractive.

Lastly, we discuss how to adopt each of these personality traits.

Read the “HOW TO MAKE IT ACTIONABLE” section underneath every tip, to start taking action and achieve the end goal… to be attractive to girls!

#1 Be comfortable with your sexuality

A huge mistake men make: being afraid to show women that they love sex, as well as, that they get turned on.

For example, when a woman wearing a sexy short skirt arrives, even though the men want to look at her, they lower their eyes like a dog who just got yelled at.

End that! if you want to be attractive to girls. 😒

Women adore a man who isn’t afraid to own his turn-ons and sexuality.

A perfect example is actor and comedian Russell Brand. Russell is very sexual in his interactions with women, but he masks it with humor, and the women love it!

You could say he’s mastered this skill, and you can too, by studying his interactions.

Understand that women are aware that we are incredibly sexual creatures, and so are they! As long as the man isn’t creepy, they’re more than ok with a little sexual tension.

Make it Actionable: If a woman looks sexy or smells delicious, take the time to appreciate it. Let her know she looks attractive or that her perfume is heaven to your nostrils. Do it very smoothly, and with humor, and watch how flattered she’ll be. It might not go very well at first because it takes some getting used to, but once you get it down, it will enhance your interaction with women so much that you’ll be glad you went through the initial awkwardness.

#2 Have a passion

A passion is anything you do for a living that requires intelligence, emotional investment, and creativity.

A passion is not something you dread doing daily when you awaken. Instead, the excitement of working on this passion should rile you up inside to the point that you wake up early, no alarm necessary.

Passions vary widely, but here are a few examples:

  • Doctor
  • Actor
  • Blogger
  • Musician
  • Youtuber
  • Writer
  • Videographer 
  • Tennis player

Women love a man with a passion because it shows that he has a clear purpose. He has drive and a strong reason to live.

Women enjoy supporting passionate men because his sense of purpose transfers over to them.

Think about it like this, if you were a woman who would you be more psyched about supporting: a man taking calls at a call center, or a man working on winning an NBA championship?

Make it Actionable: If you hate your current job, then begin working on your passion on the side. Grow and develop enough to eventually leave the job you detest, and begin working full time on your passion.

Be a leader

#3 Be a leader

Those are the search results when you type “attracted to the boss” on google. And guess what?

They are all women!

Women love a man who leads, it’s part of their evolutionary traits to do so.

Being with a leader in caveman times meant abundance in resources and protection, hence, the best chance of survival. And although the times have changed and the immediate danger isn’t as real, that trait is still very much alive in women.

Make it Actionable: Start taking leadership classes. Volunteer to lead whenever it is needed. I suggest you google Jocko Willink and read all his books on leadership. https://jockopodcast.com

#4 Be A Protector of loved ones

Again, this is a trait that’s a product of evolution. 10,000 years ago, cities and cops did not exist, so it was up to the average man to protect women. 

If he chose to…

So when a woman sees that a man is protective over his friends and family, she infers that he would be a good protector for her as well, and this attracts her.

It’s such a common attraction trait that Hollywood has made a trope out of it. Consider of all the movies and shows where the guy is a protector over the woman… It’s just about most of them…

  • Twilight: Edward and Bella
  • Superman: Louis Lane And Superman
  • Titanic: Jack and Rose
  • Vampire Diaries: Elena and the Salvatore brothers

Just to name a few…

Make it Actionable: You should already be protective of your family, but if you’re not, you need to be. Buy a gun, learn how to fight, and get stronger by going to the gym. In addition, let it be known to everyone, not to F*** with your friends and family!

#5 Have resources 

Some men bash women for this attraction trigger. Personally, don’t blame women, this trigger is also part of their evolutionary past.

As you can imagine, a male mate who has access to an ample amount of resources, equals a better chance of survival for both her and her offspring. 👶 💁🏻‍♀️

This doesn’t just apply to caveman times. Surviving in poverty today is still incredibly harder, and the chances still much lower compared to being well off.

A meta-analysis study found that 4.5% of U.S. deaths were attributable to poverty!

A study where men and women had to rate attractiveness twice, first with just a picture, and the second time with a picture and salary information. It was found that: “ratings of attractiveness were around 1000 times more sensitive to salary for females rating males, compared to males rating females.”

Is it unfair? Perhaps. But is it the best way to assure that the human race continues? Absolutely! Nature doesn’t make mistakes.

Make it Actionable: You don’t have to be rich. Just have enough resources to be able to provide for a family and live well. From 35 to 44 yrs old, men make, on average, $58,916 in the U.S. So making 60k a year would be more than enough to be attractive to girls. So start taking action towards attaining resources: climb the ladder at work, go back to school, build businesses. Whatever you have to do to get those resources up!

#6 Toughness 

Women tend to be attracted to stronger looking men, as we will see in the physicality section of this article. The reason being that… a muscular looking body implies a tough man!

You know, the type of man that can command his emotions and find a way to get through any kind of hell. A man who will not back down and protect his family at all costs.

This sort of man makes her feel safe. She can trust that if shit hits the fan, he’ll step up and resolve the situation instead of breaking down.

It’s also the reason why some women are attracted to men with tattoos., they give the impression of toughness.

Make it Actionable: Toughness is built through hardship! So go lift heavy weights. Go run till the point of absolute exhaustion. Go play a physical sport! Furthermore, read books and watch videos on mental toughness. I suggest you follow a man by the name of David Goggins. He’s an ex-navy seal and is considered the hardest man alive.

How To Get Confidence

#7 Confidence

Confidence is a tricky word; many people confuse it for cockiness, or just being a straight A-hole. The real definition of confidence is far from that.

Confidence is nothing more than a belief or a feeling; it’s abstract. We created it to symbolize the certainty of truth towards a specific thought or idea.

Now, let’s think in evolutionary ways. Why would confidence be necessary for survival?

Well, imagine you were a woman way back in prehistoric days. On one side you have a man who tells you…

 “Hey, I’ve hunted a few times, and I think I might be able to protect you.” 

On the other side a man that tells you…

“I’ve hunted for decades now, it’s easy. And I’ll decapitate anyone who tries to come near you!”.

Who are you going with? Man number 2, of course!

You see, self-confidence lets the woman know she can be safe with you. In her perception, you become a man who has ample experience, and knows how to care for a woman (or at least it appears like he can). And it’s this certainty in men that leads them to be attractive to girls.

Make it Actionable: Confidence is built through exposure. Once you have the experience of something, you become certain you can do it again. So go out and expose yourself to hard things, things that you fear. Once you have that track record, you’ll get the certainty/confidence to be attractive to girls. I wrote a complete guide on confidence, go check it out!

#8 Be Brave

These are the risk-takers, men who put themselves in the face of danger for the greater good.

For example; when there’s a roach in the house scaring your girl to death, you have to be a courageous man and go kill it! 😂 

No, but really, women despise cowards. In fact, nobody likes cowards! 

To prove my point…What happens to men who refuse to fight for their country? They are hated and locked up, that’s what.

Even samurais back in their day chose to die, before gaining the reputation of a coward. It’s the brave, and the risk-takers who rule the world.

Make it actionable: Being brave isn’t about doing dangerous things for no reason. Don’t go jumping off a cliff now… Being brave is about doing the right thing, no matter what the consequences! Get yourself into the “death before dishonor” mindset. It’s better to die as a hero than to live as a coward.

#9 Be a man who speaks up

You cannot be a brave man if you don’t speak up for what you feel is right. For a man who speaks up must posses alpha male qualities like:

  • bravery
  • honesty
  • confidence
  • wisdom

Make it actionable: Do not stay quiet if you disagree with something that was said. If there’s a better way to do things, or if something isn’t morally right, then voice your opinion. Even if it isn’t considered, at least people know you’re there, and that your voice matters! If you feel intimidated at first, start small and work your way up.

#10 Be ambitious

Resources attract women, we went over this in sign 5. But does that mean if you’re not rich, women won’t like you? 

Absolutely not! 🙅🏻‍♂️

Nature wouldn’t make it that way, because then only the rich men would reproduce. Leaving human propagation at a significant disadvantage.

What women want is a man who displays the potential to create resources.

Meaning that, this man shows he possesses the qualities to eventually with time, gain enough money to support himself, his wife, and his children. So as long as you’re not a deadbeat who has zero skills and drive, you’ll be attractive to girls.

Here’s a vid from the youtube channel KamaTv showing that women don’t want rich, they want ambition!

Make it actionable: If you don’t have goals or a financial plan of action, then create one ASAP. Remember, just having your goals in mind won’t help. You have to work your goals daily. Once women witness your work-ethic, they can tell you’re ambitious. 

#11 Be competent

Women want goal-oriented men, as we saw in the last sign. But ambition is useless without the competence to do a good job.

Think about it like this__ a man can have the most amazing plans for their future, but if they lack skill or keep giving up, then their ambition does nothing.

Sooner or later the girl will realize this man is just a poser, he’s not a real winner, and this will lead to her departure.

Be the man who puts in the time to master his craft. Understand that to win, you need to be better than the competition. With this mindset, gaining competence will become inevitable, and so will success.

Make it actionable: Once you identify your goals, figure out the steps to get them accomplished. Figure out what skills you need and work at acquiring them every day. To become a competent man you need to develop the following characteristics; 1) Patience 2) Perseverance 3) Determination 4) Consistency 5) Intensity

#12 Intelligence 

A long-term study that tracked about 10,000 men and women from 1957 to 2011. Found that a woman’s physical attractiveness predicted her husband’s intelligence. So the more physically attractive the women, the higher the IQ her husband had.

A woman isn’t going to be attracted to your IQ score, that’s not how it works. What attracts girls to intelligent men is the fact that they consistently show they can solve problems.

As well as their ability to make optimal, timely decisions. 🕒

Again, it comes down to her wanting to feel taken care of. She wants to feel that she has a man she can trust to make calculated decisions. Ones that will not harm, but benefit the entire family. 

Not to mention, a high IQ is directly correlated with success, studies suggest. Perhaps women know this correlation subconsciously, so her attraction trigger goes off.

Make it Actionable: Unfortunately, IQ is a product of genetics. So you’re born with it, or you’re not. But keep in mind women aren’t interested in your IQ score, they are interested in your creativity when solving problems and making decisions. And fortunately, creativity can be worked on. How? By using it! Stop relying on Google for everything, and start coming up with solutions by using your brain. 

#13 Be Responsible 

Be attractive to girls by being a responsible man. When she perceives you as responsible, it lets her know subconsciously,

“if I become pregnant and have a child with this guy, he will be there.”

In turn, forcing her to become attracted since she can see a potential future with you. 

Make it Actionable: Show that you got your shit together by being on time, completing all your work, and attending to everything you’re in charge of. Like a Navy Seal, never abandon a mission until it’s done, and do every mission to the best of your ability.

#14 Be kind

Kindness is often seen as a weakness by men, they think it’s a feminine trait that women dislike, but that’s far from the truth.

Women love a kind man, as we could see from the initial women survey I performed.

Kindness shows the woman that you care about people, and that you’re not some sort of psychopath. That even though you’re a strong alpha, you still know self-control and can be gentle.

Being able to adapt to a situation emotionally and socially, allows her to feel safe with you, it shows congruency and humanity on your part.

Make it actionable: Practice empathy. Try to put yourself in the shoes of other people and understand how they feel. This plan of action will help you build the emotional intelligence to be kind without appearing weak.

Be humorous

#15 Be humorous

After surveying 100 girls, humor is what the majority of them wanted in a man. Humor is king! 👑 So let’s explore this king a little deeper…

Look, there is a reason people pay their hard-earned cash to go see a comedian… cause laughing feels good! 

In a world where everyone is so uptight and concerned about being judged, laughter is a relief, because it allows you to relax.

That is why girls love humor… it enables them to relax and be their goofy self without any concern.

So, in a way, when a girl can laugh with you freely, it makes her feel like she’s found a profound connection. All because you get her humor, and she can be herself. 

Check out one of the best at using humor to be attractive to girls, talk show host Craig Ferguson.

Make it actionable: As you saw in the vid with Craig, you don’t have to be a comedian to be humorous. Just be free from outcome and act goofy. Focus on sharing what you find funny. Humor is not something you can fake, so don’t force it. A good tip is to pretend you’re with your best friend, and joke around in the same manner you would with him.

#16 Be social

This aspect of attraction came as a surprise to me. I wasn’t aware girls found a social man to be attractive. But after it came up a few times in the 100 girl survey, I could no longer ignore it.

So, after a few hours to ponder on it, it finally made sense…

A man with a large social circle is a well-connected man. Meaning that he knows and is admired by enough people that if he ever needs a favor, he has it!

There are two ways to succeed in life, become the best at what you do, or know people in high places. Hence, the famous quote;

“it’s not about what you know, but who you know.”

So when a woman comes across a man who has a large circle, she can infer two things;

  1. This man must be of high value since people like him
  2. This man must be well connected 

Either one is attractive to women.

Make it actionable: For extroverts, this is not a problem, but I can hear the introverts grimacing at the thought of having to be social. Look, you don’t have to be a social butterfly, just have enough acquaintances. You can gain a large enough circle by being generous. People don’t forget when you help them. The law of reciprocity tells us that once you do something for someone, they will want to repay you. So, become the ultimate giver and watch your circle grow! 

How to be more physically attractive to women

How to be more physically attractive to women?

In this section, we discuss how to attract a woman instantly before you have even said a word; this can be done by appealing to her senses. Although being physically attractive can get you noticed quicker, remember, what actually secures the woman is who you are as a man (1st section). So don’t worry too much about physicality, just do enough to get you in the door!

#17 Deep voice

We already know women prefer deeper voices, not some Alvin and the chipmunks’ squeaky voice. 

But why? Well…

The thicker and lengthier the vocal cords, the deeper the sound they produce. And for the most part, the bigger the person, the thicker those vocal folds are going to be.

This is why women and children have higher-pitched voices; their vocal cords are proportional to their size. 

So if size is correlated with the depth of the voice, then we can assume that the bigger men are going to have the deeper voices.

Now you can probably see where I’m going with this.

Women like deeper voices because they are usually accompanied by larger men. And women have an innate attraction towards larger men because they are more dominant due to their size. These larger men provide women with a feeling of protection.

Remember, all of this happens subconsciously, so even if the deep voice is coming from a smaller man, the women are still wired to respond to that voice.

Make it actionable: There are exercises one can do to deepen the voice. Singers use them all the time to hit certain notes. I recommend that you research on Youtube, and google Roger Love. Roger is a voice coach who focuses on making the voice more seductive. A tip you can use to instantly to sound a little deeper is: take deeper breaths when you speak. Also, talk slower and from the belly (like James Bond!)

#18 Smell good

When someone smells good it tells us two things subconsciously; 

  1. They must be healthy
  2. They must be well off financially, since they can afford showers and colognes

So when you wear a pleasing scent coming from a fine deodorant, cologne, or an excellent shampoo. This instantly tells the girl you’re not homeless, and that you’re healthy. Two significant prerequisites for her wanting to get to know you more!

Make it actionable: Get quality hygiene tools, like: deodorant, soap, shampoo, and cologne. Make sure they’re made for men, no woman is going to look your way if you smell like her sister. DO NOT overdo the cologne, it’s try-hard and overwhelming. Two small sprays on the sides of your neck will do. 

#19 Height

Height is one of the first things women notice in a man, and it often can be a deal-breaker for many.

As we’ve pointed out multiple times, women want a man to make them feel protected and safe.

Now let me ask you, if you were a woman, how secure would you feel if the person providing that protection was shorter than you? 

Probably not very secure, huh?

Remember, women are more emotional than logical. So even if the man knows martial arts and can kick anyones ass, she’s still going to feel unsafe because he’s shorter than her. She doesn’t think about this logically, it’s all based on feeling and instinct.

So does that mean you’re screwed if you’re short? No.

I’ve seen plenty of beautiful women with shorter men. This is because, again, women respond more to personality. So even if the man is short, if he possesses attractive personality traits, she’ll become attracted. 

Make it actionable: If you’re short, don’t let that discourage you. Women respond to men’s personalities wayyy more than their appearance. So ignore the initial rejection and get your personality across. And if you want to diminish the impact your height has, you can do two things; 1) Go after shorter women, since they just want a man taller than her. 2) Give the illusion that you’re taller, by wearing fitted clothes and platform shoes.

#20 Be in shape

Just like a woman’s hourglass-shaped body gets your blood boiling. The same reaction occurs when women see a fit man. 💪

Having an attractive body is not about having the biggest arms, or being the hulk, like some men seem to think. Instead, it’s all about ratio.

As long as your shoulders are slightly wider than your waist, then you have an attractive body. 

Remember, women aren’t that interested in your physique, but rather your personality.

So that means she’s not going to be measuring your arms and counting your abs, she doesn’t care. All she cares about is that you’re healthy, and the right ratio tells her that instantly.

Here is a vid from KamaTv confirming this point.

Make it actionable: You don’t have to go become a bodybuilder to achieve the golden ratio. Just work out a few times a week (3 times) and eat decently. If you remain consistent over a long period, this ratio will only be a side effect of the work you’re putting in. 

#21 Be fashionable

Fashion is important because it expresses things like personality, status, fitness, and even self-confidence. It is why pro-pickup artists use their style as a way to create that initial curiosity in the girl, in a technique they call “peacocking.” 

It’s basic psychology when you think about it.

Imagine you enter a car show full of identical-looking cars. Every single car at this car show is white except for one, that one is red. Now, since that one red car stands out, you can’t help but to notice it right away, and you might even be more drawn to it as well. 

The same thing happens with girls.

When your style makes you stand out, she notices you first in the crowd of men. At the same time, she becomes intrigued because she wonders how you might differ from the average chump. 

Make it actionable: There are hundreds of styles to choose from, but the point is to stand out. If you don’t feel comfortable with bright colors or crazy clothing, then get some cool accessories, those get the job done as well.

#22 Have a nice smile

An attractive smile was one of the most mentioned traits in my 100 girl survey. This came as a surprise to me, as I wasn’t aware girls put that much weight on men’s smiles. But they do, and big time!

So, if you want to be attractive to girls, you must optimize your smile

As far as why women like an appealing smile so much, I can think of two reasons…

  1. A nice smile suggests good hygiene since your teeth have to look clean and shiny.
  2. A smile is a non-threatening, and highly disarming, which lets the woman know she can feel at ease with this man.

Make it actionable: Pretty obvious__ get yourself a proper cleaning from a dental hygienist and buy the necessary tools to keep your teeth clean. If your teeth are crooked, then invest in yourself and get some braces.

#23 Look manly

We love women because they look feminine, they have;

  • long hair
  • soft skin
  • soft bone structure 
  • Hairless 
  • makeup and perfume

And women like the opposite, so a manly guy. 

  • beard
  • thick skin
  • tough body
  • sharp bone structure
  • hairy
  • thick eyebrows 

Yes, you might be able to get away with the boy look for a while (mainly with teens). But eventually, women want a manly guy by her side who is the masculine to her feminine.

Make it actionable: There are certain things you can’t change about yourself, like being beardless. But you can make up for it in other ways, like leaving your chest hair, working out, or having a manly haircut.

Exhibit manly body language

#24 Exhibit manly body language 

Again, just like we men love when a woman acts feminine and innocent, women love a man who behaves masculine and alpha. Women can spot manly behavior through a few different actions, but the most noticeable are, 👀

  1. Open/relaxed body language 
  2. A purposeful/prideful walk

An alpha makes himself large in size because he isn’t afraid of being noticed, in fact, he likes being seen and his dominance. In addition, an alpha male walks with purpose and security, he is proud of what he’s doing, and of who he is. 

Make it actionable: Make the effort to walk with your head up high and shoulders back, and put some pep in your step too. At first, it will feel weird since you’re consciously trying to do these actions, but like everything else, with time, it will become subconscious. Also, don’t be afraid to stand tall and wide, take up space, let your presence be known (but don’t over do it).

How to get an attractive woman (target her directly)

So what traits will attract a woman that you like? The goal of this last section is to show you how to behave around the girl you want. No longer are we attracting girls in general, but one specific girl, and yes, there’s a difference. 

#25 Tease her

Teasing is as old as humans are, and it’s a powerful technique. That’s why if you pay close attention, you could see that most movies that involve a soon to be couple use it regularly.

It goes something like this: guy meets girl, guy teases girl, girl gets mad, girl falls in love with the guy. 

Pick-up artists use it as well, they call it the “Neg.”

So why does teasing work? Several reasons…

  • She assumes you have options since you’re not afraid to tease her, and girls love men with options.
  • She sees that you aren’t the “nice guy” type since you can make fun of her.
  • She can feel that you’re fun since you offer her a range of emotions (lows and highs). Like a rollercoaster, this interaction is much more exciting, rather than one that is straight and predictable/lame.
  • You show your sense of humor, which as we saw in the first section, it’s the most requested trait.

Make it actionable: Find something funny about her and point it out. It could be something like: her height, laugh, name, or her accent. Maybe is she messes up something, says Something dumb, or is overly clumsy. You can point all of this out, and tease her about it. Don’t use anything too personal and leave time in between each teasing sesh. This pause will ensure that she doesn’t get mad, but if she does, just apologize, smile, and continue. 

#26 Be a flirt

If teasing is the negative emotion, then flirting is the positive one; put them together, and you get a perfect balance.

The best thing about flirting is that it lets the girl know you’re interested without outright saying it. This allows you to gauge how she feels about you, and then slowly build attraction until you can ask her out. 

Make sure you start flirting ASAP, that way you stay very far away from the friend-zone!

Make it actionable: There are many ways to flirt, and the best way is to start small and build. A few things you can do are: bump into her, wink at her, play thumb war, hold her hand, tell her how good she looks, play fight, give her a compliment, etc. 

#27 Be an excellent communicator with her

Women love to talk, that’s no secret. For that reason, if you can convey that you’re an excellent communicator that can keep up with her, she will like you. 👌🏼

The main points are:

  • You can actively listen. Meaning, you can sit there quietly while she talks, all while giving feedback through your body language.
  • You can remember what she tells you for a long time.
  • You can tell her what’s on your mind and how you feel. Many women dump their boyfriends because they aren’t expressive.

Make it actionable: When she’s talking to you, make sure you’re giving her firm eye contact. Also, give constant feedback using your head (nodding) and smiling. Make an effort to remember anything important she tells you. That way you can bring it up later and gain some points. Lastly, let her know what’s on your mind, and be more thorough than just a yes or a no.

#28 Be dominant

By dominant, I mean to be the initiator, kind of like a leader, but in a more sexual manner.

Remember, women don’t like to be the ones making moves or coming up with things to do, they want the man to take care of that.

Like it or not, we as men need to be the ones showing women that we want them, and then they decide whether to accept it or not. 

Your display of dominance will result in her believing you’re confident, decisive, and honest in your intent; all traits that women find very attractive!

Make it actionable: When you’re with the girl you like, be the initiator 95% of the time. Don’t be afraid to hold her hand, hug her, or caress her face. Also, Don’t be scared to grab her by the hand and move her around. Girls love to be taken on an adventure by a guy. It makes them feel excitement and protection simultaneously.

#29 Show pre-selection

Pre-selection is when multiple women want one man, and as a result, it causes even more women to want him as well.

I call this the celebrity effect. It’s why men like Drake manage to attract millions of women; they all cause each other to become attracted to him, in a never-ending positive feedback loop.

You see, sometimes a girl can’t tell right away whether the guy is of value or not, but pre-selection is one of those signs that let her know immediately.

So much so that she doesn’t even have to think about it, her subconscious will do the work. Once women see several girls after the same guy they become attracted automatically. 

So be attractive to girls by finding a way to display pre-selection.

All of a sudden you will become the prize, and as the prize, every woman will want you to choose them.

Make it actionable: Obviously, you can’t outright say that women want you, but you can do it discretely. Some examples are: having numeorus girl Insta-followers, having many girls text you, sharing stories of past romances, and even flirting with other women around her. 

#30 Be Romantic

Like kindness, men often mistake romance for weakness, but that is far from accurate.

Romance is the desire to experience as much sensual pleasure as possible with another person. That is not being weak, that is being a human being.

Now, the reason women tend to be more fond of romance than men is… they are more in touch with their emotions.

As a female, they want to feel it all! Sad, happy, excited, horny, angry, scared, orgasm, etc.

Thats why some women pick a fight with their man for no reason, and then five minutes later, they want to make love.

So if you could get her to perceive you as someone who could provide her with those deep range of emotions and sensual experiences, then she’ll see you as the man she needs to have. 

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you’re an alpha with a ton of resources. If you don’t fulfill her emotional needs, she will take off with someone who will!

Make it actionable: Romance is mainly about novelty and pleasure. Anything that combines the two will come off as romantic. Here are a few examples: Going on a yacht with her and bringing a bunch of goodies like food, drinks, chocolate, etc. Another good one is buying her flowers and combining it with an extended foot rub. 

#31 Be adventurous 

This trait is highly underrated and not used nearly enough. It’s an undiscovered treasure!

You might remember a little hormone by the name of dopamine

Well, one of the functions of this hormone is to give the person a feeling of reward and pleasure. Dopamine is the primary hormone activated when snorting cocaine! 👃

Studies now show that dopamine is activated in situations of novelty, like visiting a new place or trying a new activity.

So, if you put two and two together, you can see where I’m going with this.

Attract a woman rapidly by giving her a rush of dopamine whenever she’s with you! All you have to do is… something new!

Over time she’s going to connect that good feeling with your face, and just like cocaine, she won’t be able to get enough.

Make it actionable: Ask her what she’s done, so you have an idea of what she hasn’t done. With this information, you can now go ahead and start making plans. Try to do something exhilarating, like skydiving, hiking, go-cart driving, etc. These activities will combine dopamine with adrenaline, and that feels marvelous!

#32 Hold your ground

Women are masters when it comes to testing men. They do it when they meet you and continue to do it until the day they marry you.

If, they marry you… 

Oh, and each time you fail one of these tests, the thought of replacing you becomes more and more prominent. So don’t fail!

Why do women do this?

Again, women want to make sure they’re with the Alpha, not an imposter pretending to be the alpha.

So, when a woman tests you, she does it so she can scrutinize your reaction like a detective! And if your reaction is that of a beta-male, then you better believe she just lost massive attraction for you.

To pass these tests, you must be grounded. You must be unreactive and unapologetic. This nonchalant attitude lets the woman know two things: you are sure of who you are, and you are confident in the actions you take.

Two things that are extremely attractive to women!

Remaining unreactive also shows her your fearless masculinity, unlike the pathetic beta-male, who would shake at the sight of her disgust. 

Make it actionable: When she tests you by being difficult or acting out, remain calm and collected. Attempt to have a rational discussion, and if that doesn’t work, then don’t be afraid to call her out on her bullshit. Remember, do it all while remaining calm but firm. And don’t be surprised if after this whole ordeal she wants to undress you, it happens…

#33 Do not be needy

Lastly, if you want to be “the catch” to this particular girl, or be attractive to girls in general, then thou must not be needy. Ever! 🙅🏽‍♂️

When you’re needy, you give up your power, and a man without power is a beta-male. 

Retain your power and control by letting her know you don’t need her, but you want her. There is a big difference… 

Play your cards right and she will be the one afraid of losing you. And that is super attractive to women.

Remember, people want to feel like they are getting more than they deserve, and this is what you provide her with when aren’t needy.

Make it actionable: You might feel an urge to find out where she goes or to know if she’s seeing other guys, but resist that urge. Instead, keep calm and do your own thing. She might even try to make you jealous, and that’s when you must show her it’s not a big deal by acting nonchalant, because unlike other men, you have options. 


Hope you guys enjoyed this list on how to be attractive to girls; a lot of research and time went into it. Therefore, you can feel confident that the information given here is accurate, and that it will most certainly help you become more attractive.

Now, go ahead and tell me in the comments which tip you’re going to tackle first, and which tip you found to be the most surprising.

And if there are any tips you have found to work and it’s not in the list, please share it so I can add it to this list.

Now go take action!