How to Text a Leo Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Leo Man to Make Him Like You

Crushing over a Leo Man? Don’t know how to make him yours? We’ve got your back. Here, I’ll share some amazing texting secrets to make a Leo man fall for you. Men, particularly Leo Men could be a tough game to win.

Know what all you should know to ‘How to text a Leo Man to get him like you?’ all and all these few secrets mentioned below will make your man go crazy for you, just do it right and leave your worries behind.

Message Him

 The first thing you should be doing to get a Leo man likes you through text is ‘Message him’. The time has changed, don’t look up to him to message you first until and unless you want to lose him to someone else.

Get out of your worries and make the move. You won’t know what he thinks of you until you two actually are on good talking terms to make a perception of each other. So grab your phone and text him.

Good for you if he recognizes you at first, if not, no worries, recall him how you know him and how you met.

Show Him That You Are Interested

 For him to make any move on you, he should at least have a hint that you are interested in him. Make him feel you are interested in knowing him… Also, there is absolutely no problem in asking him out.

You go, girl, be the first to ask him out for a cup of coffee. Ask him questions related to his romantic and personal interests and let him know you are interested to know. 

Show Him That You Are a Confident Being 

As I mentioned earlier, Leo men are don’t appreciate a clingy woman. They are the Kings and for you to be their queen, BEHAVE LIKE A QUEEN. Do share your life with him but sometimes.

Make him feel that you see him as powerful enough to solve your problems but not that you are nothing without him. Your Leo man should feel that you are a lioness, strong and confident enough to take care of yourself on your own.

Make Him Feel That You Are a Woman of Worth

Make Him Feel That You Are a Woman of Worth

Leo men are highly self capable and self enough being and they really appreciate people who are on the same pages. In order to get a Leo man likes you over text, never make him feel that you don’t deserve his time.

You could have your problems but don’t banter him with the problems of your dog, your maid. Rather, make him feel that you are capable of handling your stuff and his too if needed. It is also good at times to make him feel that you have a life other than him and you are not always available.

Don’t reply to him (always) immediately when he texts you. Take your time. You can excuse later by saying that you were out with your friends or you were busy with work and couldn’t check your phone. 

Give Him Compliments

 The good thing about Leo men is that they know who they are. They know their worth and you can add up to that. When needed, don’t step back from complimenting him. At times, tell him he looks good in a particular shirt or you like his messy hair.

Men also like to receive compliments as much as women do. So, at times keep telling him that you adore him. But be careful, Don’t droll over him as Leo men don’t appreciate clingy women.

They are great in seeing through and your one wrong move can set the offset. So you better be careful with the number of compliments you throw at him

Show him that you care

Show Him You Care

 Though Leo men are very self-sufficient, everyone in their life needs someone to care for them. Be there for him when he needs a friend. When you feel he’s low ask him the reason.

Ask once or twice, don’t force him to say if he doesn’t want to spill the beans. If your person is not opening up, don’t force him. You can finish the topic by saying ‘tell me when you feel you should talk, I’m there for you’. 

Don’t Cling

 Being clingy can be your biggest mistake. Leo men don’t appreciate clingy people in their life. Don’t appear desperate to him. If he hasn’t seen your texts, he could be busy or maybe not in the mood to talk then.

Don’t bombard him with messages one after another. If it’s been really long he hasn’t responded to your texts and you are really concerned over his security to send him one or two texts asking him if everything is fine with him.

I would suggest a time-lapse of 72 hours is a good enquire why is he not responding to your texts.

Make Him Feel That You Value His Presence in Your Life

 Add to the pride of your Leo man like fuel to the fire. Make him feel that you value him and his presence in your life. Tell him that he motivates you or inspires you.

Tell your man that it’s good to have him in life. But take your precautions too, don’t overdo it otherwise it won’t take him long to guess what you are trying to do.

At times, don’t refrain yourself from telling him that you adore him but be cautious, don’t overdo it.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

 Your Leo man values strong and independent women. We all have a past, you could have yours. It’s okay to talk to him about your past but sometimes that too if you do, don’t use foul language, curse words for your ex.

Don’t make your Leo man feel like you are a sort of woman who does cheap talks, he won’t appreciate it. It’s okay to talk to him about your past but draw a line, know how much you should share to keep his interest and not make him think that you see yourself as a weak person.

This could be very intimidating; you don’t want him to see you as someone who doesn’t value downfalls in life. So be very careful about it. Try all of these and you’ll get your Leo Man in your life that too, to stay.

But make sure that you don’t overdo any of the things mentioned to get a Leo man like you. Let us know if this article helps you to get your Leo man, also need more information or help? Comment down below.