How to Text a Taurus Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Taurus Man to Make Him Like You

If you find yourself drowning in a tub of pure love with a man born between the 20th of April and the 20th of May, hold on tight, because you are in for a ride! Some of the industry’s hottest men, like Travis Scott; George Clooney; and David Beckham fall in this very category.

Now, you surely get the craze we hope! Whether you believe in astrology or not, you have to admit that zodiac signs are definitely your best guide to understand your partner’s behavior. In fact, even if he is not your partner (yet), studying his zodiac sign can help you to shape yourself to become his bae!

If you are stuck in a rut, and have no idea how you can possibly impress your dream Taurus man, this article is just for you. Here is a complete guide on how to text a Taurus man to make him fall in love with you!

1. Take Control of The Situation

Taurus men are some of the most ‘chill’ and relaxed people that you will ever come across. Since they are so passive and unchanging, you have to take charge and initiate the conversation! Taurus men seldom go beyond their cozy comfort zones. So, have no expectations. Buckle up and get going!

She: Hey. Don’t mind me sneaking into your DMs. I saw you on the annual food fest last week and I could swear I’ve seen you somewhere before.

He: Hey. That’s interesting, but I don’t think we’ve met before.

She: Such a weird moment of déjà vu, LOL.  Never mind if we haven’t met before, now seems like a great time!

2. Don’t Rush! Take it slow.

Taurus men don’t want to be heavily pressurized for anything. They probably get this from their ‘chill’ personality. Interestingly, human psychology says that we often desire something more when it is difficult to get, as opposed to something which is handed over to us on a silver platter.

So, don’t make it obvious and don’t be overbearingly persuasive. Take it slow and let time do its magic!

She: So, I heard there’s this awesome Youtuber coming for a meet & greet this weekend. You’re gonna love this one. Are you down?

He: Ugh, sorry. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to make it this time.

She: No problem. I guess he is going to come again if this event is a hit. You can catch him later, if you want.

He: Sure thing.

3. Show Him That You’re A Reliable Person

Taurus men are some of the most pragmatic and affectionate people that there can be. Their idea of love is grounded in their reality. For them, trust and reliability mean everything! Remember that actions speak louder than words.

So, save your fancy words, and let your actions show your Taurus man that you are a genuine soul. Make sure that you create an impact on him by winning his trust the right way.

He: I didn’t see you around class today. Everything okay?

She:  Oh yeah. Everything is fine. My mom had a bout of the flu, so I stayed at home to take care of her.

He: Oh, that is sweet. I hope she gets well soon.

She: Thank you. She is already feeling a lot better!  

4. Show Him That You Can Sustain Love

Taurus men are all about that unconditional and long-lasting love. They believe that the most important thing about love is not falling in love, rather sustaining the love afterwards.

And for this, patience is key! He must believe that you’re not just a regular girl looking for a random fling. Give him a few subtle signs to show him your intent. This would surely make him believe that you’re the one!

She: I heard Diksha and Arya broke up their 4-year relationship last week.

He: Oh, yeah me too. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

She: Yeah, I really though they made each other happy. I hope they are able to solve their differences soon. I kind of shipped them TBH!

He: Me too. Hopefully, they will.

She: I wish I had a relationship just like that…

5. Make Your Efforts Subtle but Noticeable

Taurus men notice EVERYTHING! So, make sure that you are paying close attention to his observant personality and making the right moves. However, as we said earlier, Taurus men don’t like to be pushed around.

So, how to text a Taurus man? Compliment him but don’t gorge over the details for too long. Let him know that you have been thinking about him, but don’t obsess. Balance is key.

She: Your recent Insta upload looks great! That’s a new shirt isn’t it?

He: Yeah, how did you know?

She: Haha, I drink and I know things!

He: That’s a Game of Thrones quote! I love that series.

She: LOL, really? Me too…

6. Engage in Some Low-Key Flirting

Taurus men are famous for their sensual and flirty attire. Their easy-going attitude reflects in their flirting as well. And of course, what better place to flirt than on text? Flirting on text is a great way to build chemistry.

Avoid being too forward or too sexual. Send casual pictures of your day-to-day activities or crack a few light-hearted promiscuous jokes. Remember to never cross a line unless the same is reciprocated.

She: Hello, handsome. What are you upto today?

He: Nothing much. Just the usual.

She: Your usual must be one lucky girl!

He: LOL, no! I wish.

7. Don’t Create Unnecessary Conflict

Once you develop a good rhythm with him, try not to butcher it with unpleasant conversation. We suggest that you avoid using phrases such as “You never have time for me”, “So and so person is so weird”, “You have no worries” or “You always do…”.

Saying such things only makes the conversation bitter and will probably make him avoid opening your chat. Now, that is something you absolutely want to avoid! Be positive, such that you can easily turn his bad day into a good one!

She: So, what’s up? I guess you have been working really hard these couple of days.

He: Yeah, totally. Work has been really hectic. 

She: Oh, I know how it feels. But don’t worry, I know you are a problem solver. You got this!

He: Haha, thanks a lot! That makes me feel a lot better.

8. Appreciate His Chivalry

Chivalry is not dead, and Taurus men bear testimony to it! We all like to be appreciated for our efforts.

When your Taurus man treats you like a true gentleman at heart, appreciate him for putting the extra effort! Not all men are courteous to women and he deserves to be appreciated for being an exception!

He: So, how was your meeting with the client?

She: Boring. The man didn’t even pull a chair out for me or acknowledge my ideas. I guess not all men can be like you.

He: Barely. Everyone can be courteous.

She: But everyone is not, LOL. Never mind…

9. Compliment His Stubbornness with Your Patience

Taurus men and women alike have one characteristic trait in common – their stubbornness. When they decide on something, they will surely achieve it. More often than not, they are aware of their stubbornness and yet, remain unapologetic about it.

Taurus swag, we suppose! Don’t get frustrated by it. Instead, show him how patient and calm you can be. This makes you more and more likeable for him.

He: We lost the game last week because of my silly mistakes. I swear I’m going to kill it next time.

She: Oh, yes. For sure. Put in some extra practice time and you’ll be good to go.

He: Yeah, I will make it no matter what.

She: Relax. I’m sure you’ll be great!

10. Have Faith in Yourself (MOST IMPORTANT)

Most importantly, Taurus men know what they want. If your dream man has stuck around for so long and hasn’t dismissed you yet, he probably really, really likes you. Don’t try too hard and don’t worry about it.

You and your own person and anyone would be lucky to have you. There is no definitive guide on how to be you. So, just make sure that you present your best self to make him like you just as you are.

He: Thanks for the delicious brownies. You are a born chef, my friend.

She: Haha, thanks a lot.

He: Where did you get the recipe though?

She: I use my own recipe all the time. You could never guess the funky ingredients I put in my brownies!

He: Funny, and impressive. LOL.

And that’s a wrap on our 10 secrets on how to text a Taurus man to make him like you! Do let us know in the comments section down below, which of these tips are you going to use for your dream mission to impress your Taurus man.