How to Text an Aquarius Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text an Aquarius Man to Make Him Like You

Men born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February come under the steaming hot category of the Aquarius heartthrobs! They are what all Bollywood romance movies are all about. If you are a fan of romance movies like ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ or ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, you know what we’re talking about!

Aquarius men are amicable, thoughtful, geeky and most importantly, total sweethearts. Some of the hottest Aquarius celebs that you might already know of include Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, The Weeknd and Michael B, Jordan.

Aquarians are fantastic communicators. All they need is a little push in the right direction. So, establishing good communication with an Aquarius is important to attract him towards you, and what better way to communicate than to start your love story on text?

If you’re looking for ways to start the conversation and make your special Aquarius man fall in love with you, here is a complete guide on how to text an Aquarius man!

1. Don’t Be a Cliché

If you are trying to rope in an Aquarius man, a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ just won’t do. In order to capture his interest and make him interested in you, you have to go above and beyond! Start the conversation on an interesting note.

Engage him with questions and concerns that might make him curious. You have to be spontaneous and develop ways to make him surprised. Whichever way you finally decide to start the conversation, just don’t be a cliché!

She: Hey! I read your article in the paper today. I was really curious about what inspired you to take this particular approach.

He: Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

Actually, my perspective on it was a little different. I wanted to…

2. Engage in Interesting Conversations

As we said earlier, you cannot take the risk of boring an Aquarius man to death. He is a ferocious thinker and communicator. However, it is difficult to revive him once he loses interest in something.

He can be double, or even triple texting right this instant, but the very next instant can be filled with his silence. That is just how an Aquarius is! Always try to keep your conversations interesting or amusing.

She: I didn’t know this earlier, but you can see the Rashtrapati Bhawan while standing on the other side of the India Gate in Delhi.

He: Woah. Even I didn’t know that.

She: Yeah, that is where the parade starts every year. It all makes sense now.

He: Yes, it does… I know a great book which focuses on these things…

3. Ask Many, Many Questions

Aquarius men love talking. They can talk about the sun, the moon and everything in between. They particularly like to talk about themselves. We suggest that you ask your special Aquarian numerous questions.

Ask about his favorite animal, or his dream vacation destination, or maybe ask him about his deepest darkest desires! Ask as much as you possible can and let him know that you’re genuinely interested in him.

She: So, how was your day?

He: It was alright. Spent the day in an animal shelter. I volunteer for them.

She: Oh, that’s awesome! Any rescues?

He: Loads! Our shelter is full of rescue puppies?

She: Tell me. Which breed in your personal favourite?…

4. Praise His Sense of Humor

Aquarius men are some of the funniest and geekiest people there can be! They often think that people don’t understand their sense of humor. They tend to isolate themselves thinking that nobody understands them.

However, having someone by his side who relates with him and laughs at his jokes is invaluable to him. Be that someone for him! Appreciate his sense of humor and acknowledge his amusing personality.

She: I know you said don’t mention it, but are you really learning to cook? LOL

He: I’m a culinary mastermind already. Idk what you even mean!

She: Oh, I bet you’re making parfaits and croissants already.

He: No, that was yesterday LOL…

She: Haha, you are so funny!

5. Share Your Problems

An Aquarian man’s self-worth is everything for him! If you can show him that you trust him and can be vulnerable with him, that would mean the world to him. It can open doors for you that nothing else can!

Take a leap of faith and start sharing your problems with him. Tell him if you haven’t slept well the night before, or that assignments are making you anxious. Just open your heart and share!

She: I have literally been drowning in responsibilities. Sorry if I’ve been texting erratically.

He: Oh, I totally understand. Don’t worry. You’ll be just fine.

She: Yes, I hope so. I have a few deadlines stressing me out.

He: What kind of deadlines? Maybe I can help.

She: Thank you for offering. It’s nothing of important but…

6. Don’t Expect Mushy Romance

The only way to build a stable relationship with an Aquarius man from the ground is to be realistic. You must avoid being pushy or clingy with him. He is a relaxed and unproblematic soul who doesn’t like to conform to the ideal standards of a romance novel.

Don’t expect him to go down on one knee and propose. That is definitely not happening! He expresses love differently. Try to connect with him and understand his ways instead.

She: I loved your work on the album cover. You did a great job!

He: Thank you so much.

She: So, what are your plans now?

He: No plans actually. Just taking one thing at a time for now.

She: I think that’s the plan…

7. Treat Him Like a Best friend

Friendship is the most important thing in an Aquarius man’s life! He believes friendship to be the ultimate bond between two people. Without establishing a rock-solid friendship, you cannot develop a good relationship.

So, show him that you consider him as a close friend. If he understands that you value his friendship, half your work is already done! Acknowledge his importance in your life as a friend first, and crush second!

She: Hey. I’m having a small get-together kinda thing next week. Do come if you have time.

He: Who will be coming?

She: Just a bunch of others. Don’t worry, you’ll be attached to my hip the whole time.

He: Haha, sure. Just asking. I don’t want to make it awkward with your friends.

She: Oh, please. You’ll do nothing of that sort. You’re my best friend!…

8. Don’t Annoy Him with Multiple Texts

When an Aquarius wants to talk, you will surely receive many frantic texts at the speed of light! However, you must leave him alone if he clearly conveys that he is not in the mood to talk. Don’t send multiple texts in the hopes of getting his attention.

The only thing that you will succeed in is annoying him and driving him further away from you. Give him time and wait for his texts instead. He will surely come around!

She: So, what’s up?

He: Oh, I’m sorry. I was a little busy. I didn’t see your text.

She: Don’t worry. That’s alright.

He: Thanks for understanding…

9. Be Random and Be Weird

The best part about dating an Aquarius man is witnessing his nerdiness and weirdness firsthand! Aquarius men are some of the most fun and quirky people out there. They know how to make people laugh and they just get everyone’s sense of humor.

This is a huge aspect of their personality, and they love to hang out with people who share their sense of humor. So, let go and be random with him!

He: How did you know? Are you stalking me? LOL

She: Well, obviously. I stalk all the people in my life. I know the name of your aunt’s dog too.

He: She doesn’t have one.

She: No no, I was talking about you.

He: Okay, I get it. Very funny LOL…

10. Have Confidence

Finally, we cannot reiterate this enough, but having confidence is the most important thing in understanding how to text an Aquarius man. You are nothing without your confidence.

Aquarius men can KILL for women who know their self-worth and don’t let other people walk all over them! If you know you have got it under control, nothing and no one can stop you from impressing your Aquarius man. And of course, we have faith in you. You go, girl!

She: I’m totally free this weekend. Want to come over?

He: Ah, what is the plan?

She: No plans. Netflix and chill? Or whatever we are in the mood of, LOL.

He: Haha sure! I’m in…

And those were our top 10 tips and tricks on how to text an Aquarius man to make him fall in love with you! Do tell us in the comments section down below which one of these helped you out the most.