How to Text a Cancer Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Cancer Man to Make Him Like You

Smitten with a man born between June 21 and July 22? You are officially head over heels for a Cancer man! If you find yourself wandering through the internet, looking for ways to impress your boo and win him over, this is probably going to be life-changing!

Some of the hottest celebrities, such as Tom Hanks, Chris Pratt and Jaden Smith, are actually Cancer men. Now, you get it, don’t you? (wink wink)

Cancer men are observant, sentimental and extremely nurturing. The best way to impress a Cancerian is to plan it well! Don’t go and embarrass yourself in front of him! Follow through with your strategies on text message instead!

We have just the right tips and tricks to help you on your mission to make your Cancer man fall deeply and madly in love with you!

1. Texting Over Calling

If you have done any research on Cancer men, you would know that they are hardcore introverts! The dating scene is usually a setback for Cancer men, but with Tinder and Bumble and all the world’s online dating implements readily available to you, we can safely say that you got this!

Always, always prefer texting over calling. It’s a safe bet. It will also allow him to be more relaxed and comfortable to carry on a good conversation. Anyway, aren’t voice calls a mere trap to make normal situations awkward?

She: Hey. Are you the team lead for our next project? I just wanted to get acquainted before we get started with all the work.

He: Yeah yeah, I am. You’re right. We have a few hectic weeks planned ahead.

She: I know. So, I’m Sonam. You’re Deep, right? If you need any help, please…

2. Compliment His Modesty with Your Energy

Cancer men can be very shy and coy. Don’t let this stop you from winning his heart! This is no secret, but girls can make the first move too!

Don’t just sit around and wait for him to approach you. He might appear to be distant, but you must take matters in your own hands and show him that you’re a perfect match for his modest nature!

She: I saw you with your friends in the city mall last week. You looked damn cute!

He: Thank you.

She: Don’t worry, I wasn’t stalking you. It was just a coincidence.

He: No, I didn’t say that.

She: Yeah, just in case you wanted to report m to the police, LOL…

3. Trust His Intuitions

You might probably soon find out that your Cancer man has a supernatural sixth sense! He just gets things, you know? Cancerians can be extremely intuitive and more often than not, their predictions are always right.

While others may be doubting his intuitions, show him that you absolutely don’t! Your sustained faith in him shows a lot about your character and he will surely appreciate that.

He: Well, my gut feeling says we are going to win the match this week.

She: Of course, you will win. You have worked so hard and your predications are always right!

He: Oh wow, someone who believes in my intuition! That is odd.

She: Oh yes, you definitely have all my faith. See you after the game then!

4. Show Him That You Care

As Cancer men are often full of emotions, you have to be extra cautious about his sentiments. His sensitive nature will require you to constantly reassure him.

We suggest that you make seemingly insignificant observations about him to show him how much he means to you. Do things to boost his self-esteem and make yourself distinct from other girls. That will surely set you apart from others!

She: Hey. Didn’t you have your big interview today? How did it go?

He: Oh, LOL. You remember.

She: Yes, of course. So? Did it work?

He: Haha yes. They were very impressed. I think I’ll get through…

5. Boost His Confidence

This tip is a savior for all. All people need some reassurance and a few confidence boosters from time to time. As you may already know, Cancer men are very, very sentimental. Being an emotionally hyper personality comes with its own pros and cons.

We suggest that you use it as an advantage and throw as may compliments as you can! Make sure to space them out and be subtle about it. But needless to say, compliments are a great way to impress a Cancer man and boost his confidence.

She: I read your article in this month’s magazine. You have done such a great job!

He: I don’t think so. My editor’s response was underwhelming.

She: No, not at all! From a reader’s perspective, the article checked off all the boxes for me. Trust me, it is awesome.

He: Wow, thank you. I worked really hard for it…

6. Communicate Openly

One of the best things about Cancer men is that they are great at communicating their feelings. They are active listeners and are likely to observe much more than you decide to let on.

So, don’t hold back while texting and be transparent with him. He will probably love to learn more about you. So, tell him interesting things about yourself and ask questions too! This is the best way to create engaging conversation with him and making him fall for you!

He: So, what’s up?

She: I was just going through my old photographs. You know, I used to play the piano when I was 5 years old.

He: That’s lovely! Do you still play?

She: Sadly, no. I think I lost practice when I moved away at the age of 7…

7. Have Patience with His Moods

Cancer men change moods like they change clothes. You might already know, but Cancerians’ mood changes with the moon! You have to be patient and appeal to his emotional side instead.

When a Cancer man understands that they can rely on you, you will become his confidante! So, don’t match his moodiness with your frustration. Be the angel that he needs in his life and manage it like a pro!

He: I don’t think my D-day outfit suits me.

She: What? You loved that shirt! Trust me, it looks great on you.

He: No, I guess black would look much better.

She: Black would be awesome too. But you know, white has its own charm.

He: Ugh, Idk. Guess I’ll just see how it goes…

8. Turn Up the Flirting!

So now you are friends with this gorgeous Cancer man. How are you going to take it to the next level? This is the time to incorporate bits and pieces of some sensual flirting.

Give him all the right hints. Let him know that you’re available and you have a thing for him! Cancer men love straightforward women. This is your chance to take it up a notch!

She: How’s this dress? I’m thinking of getting it.

He: Well, that’s sexy. Not enough fabric to call it a dress, I guess. 

She: Haha, don’t worry. You can affirm that once you see me in it for real…

9. Show Him That You are Loyal

There is no star sign which is more trustworthy and loyal than Cancer. These people are all about that real, star-crossed, ‘meant to be’ kinda love.

Since Cancer men are so loyal, they expect the same in return. You have to make an effort and show him that you are reliable! Make him believe that you are down for his kind of everlasting love as well. In short, break his walls and conquer them like a queen!

She: I finished a really amazing romance novel today.

He: Oh, so you’re into romance stuff?

She: LOL, yes. Not too cheesy, I hope? I just love the feeling of watching two soulmates get their happy ending.

He: Not cheesy at all. I believe in the same thing…

10. Just Go for It!

Most importantly, Cancer men love confident women. Any man will be lucky to have you. Be confident in your conversations and don’t be afraid to take chances along the way. If Cancer men have the best intuitions, your gut feeling is amazing too!

Just take a deep breath, analyze the conversation and go ahead with what you think will impress him out of his wits! Allow your best qualities to reflect through your texts. This is a cakewalk for you. So, just go for it!

She: Hey. I heard there is a great movie coming up next week. Wanna go?

He: So, it’s just you and me?

She: Yeah, unless you want to invite your whole group of friends too, LOL.

He: Haha, no. No friends. Let’s do it.

And that’s a wrap on our 10 secrets on how to text a Cancer man to make him fall in love with you! Do let us know in the comments section down below, which of these helped you out the most.