How to Text a Capricorn Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Capricorn Man to Make Him Like You

Are you smitten by man born between the 22nd of December and 19th of January? Are you waiting for the universe to guide you in the right direction to woo your prince charming? Following this article might be exactly what you need to do! FYI, you are officially in love with a Capricorn man.

Capricorns are dedicated, loyal and gentle. Stability is their main motto, and they sure know how to lead! A brilliant and motivated zodiac type, Capricorns take the cake in every aspect you can imagine! Some of the hottest Capricorn celebrities include Zayn Malik, Liam Hemsworth, Evan Peters and John Legend.

If you’re wondering how to pull your special Capricorn man to your side, here is a complete guide on how to text a Capricorn man to make him fall in love with you!

1. Give Him a Window of Opportunity

Look, we are all for independent and self-sufficient women who make the first move. In fact, we love a woman who has got it all under control.

However, Capricorn men are born leaders. A Capricorn’s motivated nature pushes him to do things first, i.e., he will approach you first! All you have to do is give him a good opportunity! Create the right circumstance for him to notice you and approach you.

He: Hey. Have you applied for the dance team? I will be leading it this year.

She: Yes, I had applied earlier this week. I was hoping you’ll respond soon.

He: Well, we are holding formal auditions next week but if you want to swing by earlier, I’ll be there.

She: Yes, sure! That would be great…

2. Don’t Be Intimidated

Capricorn men have a way of doing things! They are shrewd and business-minded. They might seem very difficult to approach because of their dominating personalities but they are just softies at heart!

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and be unapologetic about yourself. Relax, and just be you. You are just as valuable as anyone else on this planet! Your easygoing attitude will influence him and make him relaxed as well!

She: What’s up?

He: Watching a show. Procrastinating work.

She: I thought you were really busy today, LOL.

He: I am. I just don’t feel like working.

She: Excuses!…

3. Be Realistic

Among all the zodiac signs, Capricorns are the most practical and honest ones. A Capricorn man is honest, sometimes brutally honest, and he sees no problem with it. He likes his love life to be realistic rather than idealistic.

When someone is as pragmatic as a Capricorn, one cannot help but be realistic with him. Don’t give him empty compliments. Compliment him in a way that will make him feel wholesome and loved!

She: Congratulations on being selected! I knew you would get through it.

He: Haha, thank you. I honestly didn’t expect it.

She: Oh, please. You absolutely killed it. I think your preparation was really spot on.

He: Thank you so much…

4. Ask About His Ambitions

As we said earlier, Capricorns are born leaders. Their determination and motivation have no end! Wondering how to text a Capricorn man? Just engage him in a conversation about his dreams and aspirations.

We guarantee you that a conversation about his future goals will probably last the whole night! A Capricorn man can go on and on about his plans and ambitions. That is just what a Capricorn does! So, use it as an ice breaker!

She: So, what do you plan to do after college?

He: I’m planning on doing an MBA. Might have a change of plans… IDK.

She: Oh, are you interested in business then? What are your plans for that?

He: Yes, I would ideally like to work on my own startup and then…

5. Don’t Push Him

Capricorn men absolutely hate when things don’t go according to their pace. You have to be patient, and let him lead the way. Don’t worry because once he gets comfortable with you, there will be no going back!

Don’t push him, and don’t pressurize him for doing things your way. Take things slow and let it all come together on its own. Rest assured; your patience will definitely pay off at the end!

She: So, you have met Nalini right? She is hosting a charity event next week. Will you come?

He: Oh, I don’t think so. I have a lot of pending work.

She: Oh okay. That is totally fine. I’ll double down on my donations then!

He: That is lovely. Let me know if I can be of any help…

6. Show Him Your Productive Side

A personal quality that aligns with a Capricorn man’s practicality and ambitious nature is his hardworking outlook in life. He knows the value of perseverance and he puts his best effort into whatever he does.

He is probably the most productive person that you will ever come across in your life! Not only is he himself a super productive workaholic, but he also desires his lady love to share his frame of mind! So, go ahead and show him how busy and productive your days are.

She: I had a really busy day today. I haven’t had a moment of peace since 6 in the morning today!

He: What have you been upto?

She: Just lots and lots of work. Had to rush to the bank right after college. Society work has me all tied up!

He: It’s great that you’re staying occupied…

7. Appreciate His Effort

Along with such a motivated and productive outlook in life comes the necessary reinforcements behind it. Every person wants his effort to be recognized. When one works as hard as a Capricorn, one wants to be complimented about it.

It is just basic psychology! Acknowledge particular details about his efforts and appreciate him for being so thoughtful and driven. He deserves to be praised!

She: You know, you have played such a crucial role in this whole thing. The group would be completely lost without you!

He: Oh, that is not true. Everyone has contributed.

She: But you are the backbone of the group! I’m so glad they have someone that they can depend upon.

He: Haha, thank you. That means a lot.

8. Ask for His Advice

Capricorn men love to feel in charge. They want to make all the decisions. They want you to hand over the control to them! When you can make a Capricorn man feel valued and appreciated, you can make him fall in love with you.

Ask for his suggestions and advice over important decisions in your life. Make him believe that his opinion is wanted, and you trust him to make the right call. Make him feel important!

She: I’m facing technical glitches with my phone. I think I’ll get a new phone. Can you suggest something good?

He: Oh, no. Why?

She: I mean I don’t know much about which ones to choose. I am really confused.

He: Don’t worry. I got you! You can choose between this newly launched model….

9. Counter His Pessimism with Your Optimism

Since Capricorn men are so overtly realistic and practical, they almost never believe in the goodness of things. Whenever something strikes them, they think all hope is lost. When we keep dealing with the pessimism inside our heads, things can get ugly.

Now, you have to be the positive and optimistic soul in his life and push him to believe that good things will come! Fill his mind with positive messages and make him feel hopeful about the future.

He: I don’t think I’ll be able to succeed in this.

She: Stop contemplating it from so many angles! You’ll do just fine. Besides, your stress is only negatively impacting you. Stop worrying!

He: Yes, you’re right. But I’m really worried.

She: I know but trust me, everything will go according to plan. You have nothing to worry about…

10. Be Confident

A woman’s smile and her confidence are her two biggest and most important assets. You are nothing if you are not confident! Capricorn men love women who plan ahead of time and have a vision for the future.

Don’t sulk alone in the corner of your room, wondering why your man is not responding to your feelings. Have faith in yourself. Always know that what is meant to be, will be!

He: What did you write for the magazine?

She: I wrote an article about carrying fashion with panache. I know it well, you see.

He: Haha, you surely do. I hope it turns out well.

She: Yes, I’m sure it will. I put my best effort into it. Thank you…

That was a complete guide on how to text a Capricorn man to make him fall deeply and madly in love with you! Do tell us in the comments section down below that which one of these tips helped you out the most!