How to Text a Libra Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Libra Man to Make Him Like You

Are you chasing a man born between 23rd September and 22nd October? You are officially in love with a Libra man! Libra men are naturally attractive and charming. Their ability to lead and create an impact wherever they go makes them great leaders and thinkers.

At the same time, they are the epitome of what we call the ideal lover! If your man is a Libra at heart, he must be extremely amicable and social. So, it makes perfect sense for you to start your game by sliding into his DMs.

Librans can be pretty daunting and challenging to conquer, but we have all the right tips and tricks to help you in this mission of yours. Here is a complete guide on how to text a Libra man to make him fall in love with you!

Try to Become His Companion

Libra men the most sociable people that you will ever come across. They love making friends and they are constantly looking for companionship. Offering yourself as a reliable friend is the best way to get in your Libran’s good books.

Remember that all healthy relationships start with a happy friendship! His excellent communication skills will only come as an added advantage! So, try to build your relationship for there and take it to the next level with time.

She: Hi. I guess I saw you with Asha at her birthday party. Didn’t know we had so many mutual friends!

He: Hey. Yeah, I know right? Glad you texted.

She: How could I not? Totally sudden, but I’m meeting her over lunch tomorrow. Do you wanna join?…

Ask a Lot of Questions

Since Libra men are so sociable, they love to talk about themselves. Ask many, many questions to your man to make him feel that you care! Ask him about his favorite songs, or his childhood memories, or maybe his unending love for the street dogs! You paying attention to his interests is an expression of your love, and he will notice that for sure.

Rest assured; he will know how much you care about him too! Just be inquisitive and let him do all the talking. Afterall, less talking means less chances of embarrassing yourself, right?

She: So, how was your day?

He: Great. I made a major breakthrough in my piano session today.

She: Oh my God, you know how to play? What other talents do you have, LOL?

He: Haha, I guess I’m a swimmer and a dancer too.

She: Okay? I see a pool of talent! Since when have you started swimming?…

Be Polite

Libra men are agreeable and gentle by nature. They seldom argue with people to prove a point! If your man is anything like a true Libra, he will appreciate your politeness the most.

He probably does not want to associate himself with people who easily lose their temper, or break into a random fight. Libra men love calm and composed women. So, show him that you are as Zen as Zen can get!

She: I guess I have been seenzoned! Been busy?

He: Sorry, I have been drowning in work since a while now.

She: Don’t worry, it’s okay. I just wanted to ask, is everything okay?

He: Yes, everything is fine. I am just too overworked, I guess…

Appreciate His Approach to Life

One of the things which make Libra men unique is their love for balance. They are diplomatic and want everything in their lives to be just right. A Libra man will analyze the pros and cons of everything before committing to something.

Don’t let it affect your game. Instead, appreciate him for what he is! Tell him how much you admire his way of dealing with things and validate his emotions.

She: Which university are you aiming for?

He: IDK, I would love to go to IIT but I would also like to stay with family, you know.

She: I know. It’s a tough call. It’s so nice to see you’re looking at it from all the angles.

He: Yeah, I have to I believe. Everyone keeps telling me I’m overreacting!

She: Oh, not at all!

Don’t Pry into His Past

A Libra man never kisses and tells! In short, you man is probably not the biggest sharer of all times. Don’t cross any clear boundaries which he has already set up and don’t try to interfere with his private affairs.

Reflect your positive energy onto your messages and let him know that you don’t care about what has already been done. It is all about the future! Shift your focus from his ex to being his next!

She: Sorry about your breakup. I heard it didn’t go well.

He: LOL, you heard it right. It’s okay I’m totally over it.

She: You should be! Things happen. Nothing can ever stop you from doing your thing.

He: True. I second that…

Boost His Self-Confidence

Everyone loves an occasional boost of self-confidence. Libra men are no exception. They are known to be quite self-indulgent, and you might just achieve all that you desire if you hit the right chord!

Compliment him for things that he would never expect anyone to even notice! Make him feel special and worthwhile as you execute your grand plan of making him swoon over you.

She: You were amazing at the game last week. That goal was insane!

He: Thank you. We practiced like beasts, TBH.

She: I know. Sports can be the death of you. You have worked so hard for it. It’s a cause for celebration!

He: Glad someone recognizes it. Thanks!

Reflect Your Open-Mindedness in Your Conversation

Libra men are not the type to do well when they’re caged. That’s right! A Libra man is a sucker for being free and wild. He also loves to surround himself with people who reciprocate their free and open-minded energy.

So, make subtle insinuations that you are not the conventional type, and you love thinking out of the box.

He: This year’s theme is based on monotonous colors, don’t you think?

She: Yeah, totally. We should be experimenting with vibrant colors. I suggest a mix of green and yellow. Reminds me of summer, LOL.

He: That’s interesting. You should recommend it to the community. Glad you’re not in favor of beige or black…

She: Been there, done that. Right?…

Admire His Leadership Qualities

A Libra man is best left alone to lead himself and the crowd. He is a born leader and knows how to work his way out of any situation you can imagine! He is a planner and diplomat.

Appreciate his leadership qualities and tell him that you think he is his own boss! Making him realize that he has control over the variables of his life will only make him happier than ever. Now, that is what you really want him to be, isn’t it?

She: You led the team with such poise. You are a born leader!

He: LOL, it is nothing like that. Thank you BTW.

She: You’re welcome. But I really think you have it in you. You have great leadership skills.

He: It’s just a natural instinct…

Help Him to Make Decisions

A Libra man can be quite indecisive. One of his cardinal traits include having constant dilemmas and confusions regarding every other thing in life. Sometimes, a Libra man can get confused about his own wishes while trying to fulfill those of others!

Libra men just need some help making the right choice. Allow himself to feel that he can depend on you, and that you are truly invested in the major decisions of his life.

He: I can’t decide the right venue for my parents’ anniversary party. I’m doing the planning, but I don’t know what they would like.

 She: It’s not such a big deal. Choose the venue with the best stage for the performances. That’s all people will be looking at anyway.

He: Yeah, I guess that’s right…

10. Go big or go home!

Libra men like to do things big. If you really like him a lot and are certain that he is the one for you, be brave and admit it. He will be forward about his feelings once you are! Show him that you’re not afraid to take risks and just go for it! We assure you that you will not regret it.

She: You know, your personality appealed to me from the very first day we met.

He: Oh, is that so?

She: Yes! I found you cute and pretty charming.

He: So, are we talking in past tense now?

She: No, we’re not! I guess I have a thing for you..

And those were our top 10 foolproof suggestions on how to text a Libra man to impress the heck out of him and make him fall for you! Do comment down below telling us which one of these helped you out the most.