How to Text a Sagittarius Man to Make Him Like You

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Text a Sagittarius Man to Make Him Like You

Sagittarius men are one of a kind! You will know it is a Sagittarius when you can easily differentiate them from the rest of the crowd. Their birthday falls between the 21st of November and the 21st of December. A Sagittarius man is always on an adventure, trying to explore new avenues.

He is spontaneous, loyal, fun-loving and authentic in its true sense. He is not pretentious and doesn’t get fooled easily. So, you have to be extra careful in your attempts to woo him! Some of the hottest Sagittarius celebrities that you might know of include the Dolan twins, Ian Somerhalder, Brad Pitt and Jay-Z.

If you have a special someone in your mind but don’t know how to go about it, we suggest that you take the leap of faith and start your love story on text! Here is a complete guide on how to text a Sagittarius man to make him fall madly in love with you.

Show Some Energy

A Sagittarius man is all about the good life! He wants someone who is as energetic and wild as himself. There is no space for lethargy and laziness in his life. Try to reflect your upbeat nature onto your text messages.

A Sagittarius man knows an energetic soul when he sees one. So, take advantage of this and show some good energy. Be the one to make the first move and don’t hold back. Take initiative and just be you!

She: Hey! I heard your favorite band is coming to town next weekend. Are you coming?

He: Yeah, I would love to go but I haven’t got my hands on the tickets yet.

She: Don’t worry. I have a friend who can arrange a few passes. You can’t miss it!

He: That sounds awesome. Thanks! See you.

Be Honest

If there is anything that a Sagittarius man despises, it is dishonesty. He loves to face the cold and harsh truth. He is not one who is easily defeated by your brutal honesty.

In fact, Sagittarius men are more likely to develop trust in you if they believe that you are absolutely transparent with them. So, try to be as honest and truthful as possible. Don’t lie and do NOT make excuses!

He: Was my opening speech alright?

She: Don’t worry, it was totally fine. You could work on your enunciation though.

He: Really? Was it off?

She: No, it wasn’t all bad of course. I’m just giving a friendly suggestion.

He: Okay. Thank you…

Make Sincere Efforts

Sagittarius men have spotless clean souls. You cannot argue with that! A Sagittarius man is genuine and sincere in all his endeavors. It is only fair that he expects the same from others as well.

Try to showcase your sincere efforts in everything that you do, be it your work, your relationship with friends or your equation with your family. Sagittarius men are naturally drawn to sincere people!

She: I’m sorry I missed your calls. I have been working around the clock for an important project.  

He: Oh, that’s alright. I didn’t know you were so busy.

She: Well, I’m trying my best to make it a grand success.

He: Yeah, of course. Keep it up!

Appreciate His Understanding Nature

A Sagittarius man is probably the most understanding and empathetic person that you will ever meet! He recognizes your situation and acknowledges your problems like his own.

He doesn’t complain or sulk about inconsequential things because he has his priorities right! He wants someone who can acknowledge his effort and patience. Such patient and understanding men are a rarity, and you should definitely appreciate him for it!

She: I don’t think I’ll make it tonight. I’m really sorry.

He: No, it’s totally fine.

She: Thank you for being so understanding. I never have to worry about anything with you!

He: Haha, it is no big deal.

She: No, I totally mean it. I haven’t met anyone as patient as you…

Be Straightforward

Sagittarius men remain in tandem with the reality. You cannot impress them with shallow words because they always know what’s up! This is a huge turn on for Sagittarius men. They are naturally attracted to bold and unapologetic women.

So, don’t keep beating around the bush. Stay focused and be straightforward about your intentions. If you find a good opportunity to ask him out, please do!

She: I like what you were wearing today. It brings out the color of your eyes!

He: LOL, someone has been observing my eyes very closely.

She: Yes. I like looking at appealing and attractive things, you see.

He: Haha, I’ll take that compliment. Thanks…

Play Hard to Get

The one thing that gives Sagittarius men an adrenaline rush is a good old challenge. They don’t like predictable things and they definitely don’t like predictable girls! Apply reverse psychology here and play hard to get.

Men never want what is already available to them. If you walk into his life and completely hand yourself over to him, that’s not a desirable thing to do. But if you don’t give into his demands, he will want you more and more! Reassert your self-worth and make him chase you instead.

He: You are beautiful, I must say.

She: Oh, thank you. I get that a lot.

He: Haha, you are overconfident too?

She: I’m not overconfident. I just know what I am wanted. You don’t think so?

He: Yes, ma’am. Wanted indeed…

Don’t Complain or Sulk

There will be many instances in your life where all you want to do is sit and complain about the problems in your life. However, a Sagittarius man is a thinker and a planner. He is naturally drawn to women who can handle their problems and own upto their issues.

Your impatient and complaining nature reflects poorly on your nature. Never nag a Sagittarius man! Remember, that is an instant turn off!

He: So, were your culinary experiments successful?

She: Oh, hell no. Everything went wrong but never mind, I will try again LOL.

He: Oh no, what happened?

She: I just made some silly mistakes. It will probably come out amazing the next time…

Be Open to New Adventures

A Sagittarius man is the last creature on earth that you can keep inside a cage. He just loves to roam freely in a wide-open space. You cannot limit him! He is the only person who can make that call.

The only way you can secure a place in his heart is to award him his freedom. In fact, we suggest that you join in on the fun and show your easy-going nature to him. Show him that you can be as spontaneous as him. You enjoy the thrill as well!

He: Hey. What are your plans for the weekend?

She: It’s absolutely crazy, but I’m going to Manali!

He: What? When did this happen?

She: Right now! Sudden plan with friends. I’m packing a bag and then I’m out.

He: Awesome. That sounds like something that I would do, LOL…

Show Your Optimism

Nobody likes to hang out with negative and pessimistic people. Sagittarius men are the life of the party! They are always cracking jokes and making other people happy.

A Sagittarius man wants a woman who can cheer him up even on his worst days. Your positive and optimistic worldview is your strongest asset to attract a Sagittarius man. How to text a Sagittarius man? Just show your optimism.

He: We lost the client.

She: Hey, don’t worry. You’ll get a much better client in place of this one.

He: IDK. The prospects of this client were great for the team.

She: Yeah, but it is business. Good clients come and go. It’s just part of the process.

He: Yeah, you’re right. It’s fine…

Have Confidence

The best and sexiest trait for any woman to have is her confidence. Sagittarius men love to be around conscious and confident women. If you have confidence over your charm and grace, you have it all under control!

The best advice for you on how to text a Sagittarius man is to have confidence. That is all that you need to win your special man’s heart. Let him know that you’re unbothered about any setbacks and you know what you are doing.

He: You’re single. You should join Tinder or something.

She: LOL, Tinder is for desperate people. I’ll handle my love life myself.

He: Haha, you have faith on your luck?

She: Not luck, of course. I have faith on my charm to attract men, LOL.

He: Okay okay. You win.

And those were our top 10 tips and tricks of how to text a Sagittarius man to make him drool over you in no time! Do let us know in the comments section down below which one of these tips helped you out the most.