How To Wake Up Earlier To Get a 72% Productivity Boost

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 2, 2022
How To Wake Up Earlier

There are many benefits to waking up earlier, but the main one is that you can get way more accomplished. The days last longer when you become that early bird. But the question is–how do you do it?

As the heavy sleeper that I am, when it came to waking up early, I was in denial of how beneficial it was. Waking up at 6:30am daily is without a doubt one of the hardest things I ever did. But I couldn’t quit because it was the only thing holding me back from my dreams. For that reason, I want to share with you how to wake up earlier so that you can enjoy the same sweet benefits!

When It Comes To Waking Up Earlier There Are Three Challenges

  1. The waking up part
  2. The staying awake part
  3. Becoming fully awake and lucid for max efficiency

First, we’re going to go over the best tips for waking up since that is the first thing you must do, and then we’ll go over how to avoid snoozing once you do wake up.

Lastly, I will provide you with tips on how to get rid of that dazed and confused feeling right after getting up.

Put into action the following suggestions for these three challenges, and I’m confident that you’ll enjoy super productive days, leading to more accomplishments and less laziness. Let’s go!

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 1: Go To Bed 7 To 8 Hours Before

Go To Bed 7 To 8 Hours Before

Quite obvious is the fact that if you go to bed earlier, then that will result in more hours slept, and therefore a smoother time waking up. There are no disagreements or confusion with that logic.

What people have a hard time understanding is the actual amount of time they should be sleeping for, and it could be due to the differences in opinion on what that time should be.

For example, motivational speakers always brag about how they sleep between four to six hours. And they explain that those four to six hours is all they need because their passion is waiting.

On the other hand, the medical recommendation is 8 hours of snoozing.

So who is right?

According to one of the leading sleep researchers in the world, Dr. Matthew Walker, the appropriate amount one should sleep is 8 hrs or more!

In his book Why We Sleep, he mentions that the optimal amount of time is 9 hours! According to Dr.Walker, those 9 hours will ensure optimal health, focus, energy, memory, and mood; all so that you can go about your day in the best shape possible.

Along with all the benefits associated with a full night of sleep, Dr. Walker also mentions that once the body has rested and gone through the complete NIREM sleep and REM sleep cycles, then it will wake up naturally, and with minimal effort. Dr. Walker on how much sleep we need and the risks of not getting it

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 2: Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

In his book Why We Sleep, Dr. Walker also mentions that one of the best ways to ensure a smooth wake-up is by setting up and following a consistent sleep schedule.

The reason is that, when your sleep schedule is unorderly, then your circadian rhythm (Internal clock) will also be out of order. So you might go to sleep at a particular time, say 11 pm, and wake up well before the required 8 hours, say 5 am. And this is all because of your circadian rhythm being all jacked up.


On the other hand, if you follow an exact sleep schedule, for example going to bed at 10 pm every night and waking up at 6 am.

Then the result will be that your body will adjust to that schedule, and then proceed to make you feel sleepy every night at around 10 pm and wake you up naturally at 6 am.

You’ll finally get to enjoy falling asleep within minutes of laying in bed, and waking up easily; sometimes without even needing an alarm.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 3: Set The Most Annoying Alarm You Can Find

I use to have a Timex watch, one which I would use to wake up every morning. Using the watch’s alarm to wake up worked well, until one day it didn’t. Somehow my body got used to the sound the watch made and I just slept right through it.

That’s when I started using the loudest and most annoying alarm sound I could find; that was the car horn alarm on my iPhone.

Every time this alarm went off, blasting this car horn, I would wake up scared with my heart beating uncontrollably. The sound made me feel as if I had fallen asleep at the wheel and someone was honking behind me.

I was so startled by the alarm every morning that I started waking up before the alarm went off because I didn’t want the sound to scare me.

No longer did I have a problem with waking up. The car sound alarm worked wonders!

You too can do the same by finding the loudest, scariest, most annoying alarm available, and use that.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 4: Drink A Lot Of Water The Night Before

Drink A Lot Of Water The Night Before

Don’t you hate it when having to go to the bathroom wakes you up 30 minutes before your alarm goes off?

I know I do!

It’s quite annoying because when it comes to sleep every second counts, at least for me, it does. So when I miss those extra 10 to 15 minutes of sleep because of the urge to pee; it makes me quite furious.

But what if we could use this urge to use the restroom to our advantage?

Well, you can.

All you need to do is: whenever you have to wake up extremely early, and you want to make sure that you don’t oversleep.

Then the night before drink a ton of water; this will ensure that by the morning time your bladder is full and in need to evacuate its contents.

As a result, at that moment in the morning, you have no other choice than to wake up. And yes, many times the urge to pee will wake you up before your alarm does; it’s your own biological alarm.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 5: Get A Sleep Tracker App With An Alarm

Avoid the confusion and heaviness in the eyes by getting a sleep tracker app that wake you up at the appropriate time. The app can be either on your phone or on your smartwatch; either one will do the job.

This sleep tracking app will be of massive help to you when waking up because it’s made to wake you at the lighter stages of sleep.

Therefore, helping you avoid the confused/groggy state you would generally be in when awoken from a deep sleep state.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 6: Set Goals The Night Before

Set Goals The Night Before

Now we’re entering the second challenge when it comes to waking up earlier which is Staying awake!

The first of the tips when overcoming this challenge is preparing a schedule the night before, and this is why…

By setting a schedule the night before, when you wake up, you already have a purpose for the day.

Therefore, there is a better chance that you’ll get out of bed right away, instead of laying there playing the “five more minutes” game with yourself.

The set schedule creates a sense of urgency in you since there is a checklist you must complete; you can’t afford to be lazy with a schedule to complete.

When writing the schedule, set a few goals which you must accomplish within the first hour from the time your alarm rings, that way you put pressure on yourself to waste no time and get moving!

A few goals I like to set for myself within the first hour are:

  • nswer emails
  • Take a cold shower
  • Meditate/pray

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 7: Throw Your Blanket Off The Bed

One of the objects that make it almost impossible for me to get out of bed is my warm, fuzzy polyester blanket.

It’s almost as if the blanket gets warmer, cozier, and a million times heavier when it’s time to wake up.

For that reason, I found that when I remove this kryptonite of mine from off my body, then it becomes much easier to get out of bed.

It’s probably because my ice cold room begins to give me the chills once the blanky is gone. Then I got no choice, but to get up or freeze in my bed.

So make sure that once your alarm rings, you throw that sucker far and entirely out of reach.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 8: Get The Spin Cycle Alarm App

Get The Spin Cycle Alarm App

We’ve become too accustomed to that snooze button whenever our alarms go off, after all, it’s too easy to access it. But what if that snooze button was gone, And any way to turn off the alarm disappeared?

If that’s the case you’d probably go into a panic and have no other choice but to get up.

Well, this is what the Spin Cycle alarm app can do for you.

To disable this alarm, you have to stand up, place your thumbs on both corners of the screen and spin one time.

When it’s that early in the morning doing all of those steps is like a mission impossible, but that’s the point!

This alarm makes sure you can’t quickly turn it off and go back to bed. Instead, it makes you jump through so many hoops that by the time you’re done, your desire to want to go back to sleep is probably gone.

This alarm is the best remedy to all you snoozers out there.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 9: Place The Alarm Far From You

If getting up and spinning around is a bit too much for you, then you can just bring it down a notch by placing the alarm far from you.

This action will ensure that you can’t quickly turn off the alarm and continue sleeping, but instead, you are forced to rise and walk to turn it off.

Make sure you’re forced to get out of bed though, placing the alarm at the bottom of your bed does not count, it’s far too easy to cheat that way. You should be walking at least 5 feet to go turn off the alarm.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 10: Wake Up Light Alarm

Wake Up Light Alarm

For the majority of human history, we did not have smartphones or alarm clocks to wake us up. What we had was the worlds own biological alarm clock, called the sun.

When it comes to waking up, the sun is the most effective way to do so.

Unfortunately, sometimes we either have to wake up before the sun comes up or we live in a dark home that receives very little sunlight.

It is quite unfortunate that some of us miss out on that highly beneficial sunlight.

And this is because science studies now show that this kind of light produced by the sun, which they call blue light, stimulates receptors in our eyes which in turn make us feel awake, happy, and sets up your circadian rhythm.

But no need to worry because there is a way to mimic this beneficial waking sunlight, and it’s called… A Wake Up Light!

This type of alarm basically simulates the sun. So that means that when the time comes to wake up, the alarm will slowly begin light up 30 minutes before the actual set wake up time; this simulates the slow apperance sun.

From there the alarm gradually increases the intensity of the light until it reaches its peak at the set time you configured to wake up. And that simulates the rise in brightness of the sun as it gets larger in the sky. Demonstration of Wake-Up light

The function is to make you feel as if you were waking up naturally with the sun, making you feel amazing.

How To Wake Up Earlier Tip 11: Get On Your Phone

Another great way of staying awake is by going on your phone right after waking up. By doing so you stimulate your brain with the blue light being emitted from the phone, and you entertain yourself enough to stay awake.

Let’s face it; Instagram can be an addicting little vice that can wrap us up and never let go.

In any other situation, we need to be mindful of spending too much time on social media. In fact, I even recommend not using social media throughout your day, for it is a distraction from your work and family.

But if you must hop on the GRAM or the SNAP, then right after opening your eyes in the morning is the perfect time to do so!

So use social media to your advantage in that regard. Let the entertainment keep you hooked long enough for you to lose the desire to go back to sleep.

That along with the blue light coming from the screen will make sure you wake the hell up!