Kiss Her, Or Kiss Her Goodbye (Deadly Mistake to Avoid)

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: November 2, 2022
Kiss Her, Or Kiss Her Goodbye

To kiss her or not to kiss her on the first date?

It is later in the evening, you guys have already eaten, now you’re having a good time talking and then it crosses your mind, should I kiss her?

You look at her lips, they look so soft and glossy from the lipstick she’s wearing. At this point she’s talking to you about something but you’re not really listening because all you can think about is “should I make the move?”

Sound familiar?

This is a question men have asked themselves since the beginning of time, and the answer is simple, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY MAKE THE MOVE! She wants you to make the move!

In this article, I will enlighten you as to why you should always kiss on first date to make her crazy for you and how to go about it. Let’s roll!



Guys are always asking, “how do I get out of the friend zone?”, well, how about not falling into the friend zone in the first place! Kissing on the first date is one of the best ways to keep that feared dark place away for good.

You see unlike men, women don’t just look at physical appearance.

Studies show women also look for a man of high-status, and high-status men usually possess the following personality traits.

  • strength
  • competence
  • confidence
  • authenticity

When you kiss a woman on the first date you are communicating the following;

“I am trying to kiss you because I believe I’m a cool guy and I like you, therefore, I am confident and authentic”. 


“I am able to control my nervousness and proceed to make my move, therefore I am strong”.

The action of kissing her will let her know that you are the type of man that she can be with because she will be taken care of.

I wish I would have known this back in my senior year of high-school when I finally managed to go on a date with my long time crush Juliana. We went ice skating first, then to get frozen yogurt. The date went amazing and we had a blast, but I never made my move because I was waiting for the perfect time to do it.

Finally a few months later, I got the balls to make my move and kiss her, only to hear “sorry, I only see you as friend”, it was heartbreaking.

Learn from my mistakes and make your move right there and then. Show her you’re a confident man with a clear intent!



Like I have already mentioned above, kissing a girl will communicate traits in your personality that will be having her see you like a tasty treat. But what good is a piece of soft warm lava cake if you can’t have a little taste?

When you kiss a girl, studies show that all kinds of reactions begin to occur in her body. This is due to three chemicals you’ve probably already heard of; dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

Dopamine, the reward neurotransmitter, will give her a feeling of euphoria. One that will leave her wanting more of you. Oxytocin the bonding neurotransmitter, will make her believe there is a divine connection between the two of you. Finally, serotonin will engrain you into her memory, so she won’t be forgetting you anytime soon.

Remember that just like you, she is clueless about how you feel regarding her and the date. 

Kissing her will let her know you are indeed enjoying her company and that you like her, giving her permission to reciprocate the same feelings.

So if you want a second date will her, give the girl what she wants, a big wet one the lips.


It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen, I’m talking about sex on the first date.

Men have this erroneous belief that women don’t like sex, that cannot be any more WRONG! Women love sex, and some believe women love sex even more than men do!

The only 2 reasons women make you wait for sex are

First, they don’t want to be shamed by society and be made feel like sluts. Second, they want to make sure you are actually there for them, and not just use them for sex.

Personally, I have been in occasions in which the women I’m out with just don’t care about the shaming or being used for just sex, they will sleep with you on the first date if they like you. I would’ve never found this out if I did not make the move and kissed her on the first date.

Now, let’s say she is one of those girls that doesn’t like to feel like a slut and decides not to have sex with you on the first date.

In this scenario it still serves you best to kiss her quickly because, as soon as you get the sexual tension building, it will continue to build with every physical encounter, until eventually climaxing with sex.



It was a Friday night, and I found myself at the beach with this hot girl named Gisselle, my friend had introduced me to her two weeks prior as a blind date.

Little did I know this was going to be one of the worst experiences of my life…

So it’s me and her laying on the sand gazing at the full moon over the ocean having a steamy flowing conversation, when it came to me..

“This is the perfect moment, go in for the kiss!”, so I did.

I kid you not, her mouth covered my whole upper lip all the way down to my chin. Then she proceeded to do this sucking motion with her mouth that left me out of breath and not in a good way!

As I was going through that horrible experience I thought to myself “I F#@# up”.

From that point on I learned my lesson, I made a promise to myself not to ever! Go through that traumatic experience again, and always kiss on first date.

So you see, by kissing her on first date I would’ve found out that we had absolutely no kiss compatibility. Had I done this I would have saved myself all the time and money it took to go on a second date with her.

So dude, don’t waste your time, that hot girl you’re going out with tonight might be a dead horrible kisser and you want to find that out ASAP!


Always kiss on first date, it will workout in your favor in the long run. Obviously you should wait till the middle or the end of the date when the awkwardness is gone, and you’re both relaxed having fun, but there is not need to wait for the perfect moment, it doesn’t exist.

Like one of my idols, Gary Vaynerchuk says

“Perfection is the disguise of insecurity”.Gary Vaynerchuk

Just go for it, if she rejects you then play it off and try again later. She will find it so attractive that you tried because of the points I mentioned above which are;

  • Show her you are not friendzone material and lay a big wet one on her, only a confident, strong man would do this
  • Light up her brain chemicals by kissing her, she will not get enough of you!
  • Kiss her on first date to get that sexual tension going, unless of course you’re willing to wait the 90 day probation period to get the “benefits”.
  • Avoid a repeat date with a bad kisser, it’s a waste of time. You could be on a date with another hottie that kisses good.