12 Questions to Ask a Leo Woman | Have a Great Conversation with a Leo

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
12 Questions to Ask a Leo Woman

When you’re looking to impress a Leo woman, asking questions is key! Certain questions to ask a Leo woman can help you get tailored answers to winning over her heart.

While we do admit that it is relatively easy to strike a conversation with Leos, having a list of questions to ask a Leo woman can be the real game-changer for you.

Based on the qualities of Leo women, we have curated a list of 12 questions to ask a Leo woman when you are getting to know her better.

Explore these spot-on questions to ask your lady love and secure a special place in her heart right away!

1. What is Your Biggest Fear in Life?

Leo women are known to be pretty fearless beings. They don’t really fear consequences or dwell in their past. In fact, they are very proud of being as fearless are they are. Use their pride to your advantage and include this in your list of questions to ask a Leo woman.

Ask your crush about her biggest fear and show a genuine interest in her reasons behind it. This question can single-handedly make her open up to you more. If you show your support when she is openly vulnerable to you, she is more likely to fall in love with you soon.

2. Can you tell me a story?

If you want to have a fun conversation with a Leo woman and engage her for hours at a stretch, ask her to tell you a story. A Leo woman is a born adventurer. She is equipped with the zeal to explore the world at her own terms and loves to be a part of as many adventures as one can think of.

Ask her to tell you a story and watch her get lost in her own memories. This is the perfect way to get her talking. And let’s not forget – she will only love you more for taking an interest in her passions. Now, that’s an awesome question to ask a Leo woman for sure.

3. What do you think about healthy competition?

Leo women are extremely competitive in everything that they do. They are confident in their approach and believe themselves to be the best no matter where they go.

This naturally means that they are huge supporters of healthy competition. In fact, they’re also quite competitive in relationships and can get jealous of other women very easily. That is definitely something to look out for when dating a Leo woman!

Try to show her that you relate with her feelings and can completely understand why she is competitive.

4. How to impress a Leo woman?

Who can tell you how to impress a Leo woman better than a Leo woman herself? You must have heard people say– if you don’t know, just ask! This is especially true when you’re trying to impress a Leo woman.

When you are confused about what your Leo lady love wants, ask her about what she thinks is impressive in men. Does she like courteous men? Does she like to be treated like a princess? Does undivided attention impress her the most? She will be the best judge of these questions!

Ask her straight up – how to impress a Leo woman? And she will guide your through the way.

5. What is your biggest goal right now?

One of the central features of Leo women is their determination to go big or go home.
It is very rare for a Leo woman to not be fixated on a certain goal at every point in her life.

Asking her about her current goals and dreams can be a genius move if you’re trying to impress a Leo woman. This will convey your interest in her aspirations and make her interests feel valued.

Women love feeling validated and find quality conversation a definite turn-on in most cases. Use this to your advantage and ask away.

6. How do you always stay positive?

This tops our list of questions to ask a Leo woman. Ask her what the secret behind her positive mindset is and get a chance to impress her with your flattery.

Leo women are known to be optimistic beings and your appreciation for her nature can be very attractive to her. This is not only a question but also a wonderful way to compliment her without seeming too desperate or needy.

Ask her about the problems she faces in tying to maintain a positive outlook and ask her about her motivation in life. She will instantly understand your genuine interest in her and give you more attention this way.

7. Do you think setting high standards for yourself is important?

One of the most common traits of a Leo woman that is treated as a negative is her affinity to high expectations. Leo women almost always set the bar high and have great expectations from the people around them.

A Leo woman’s standards are tough to meet but the aspect is non-negotiable for them. They are seldom ready to adjust with others and don’t want to treat themselves worse than they deserve.

Ask a Leo woman this question and appreciate her will to put herself first. This can help you win some major brownie points and win her heart over.

8. What is an underrated part of relationships?

Get deep and get personal! One of the best questions to ask a Leo woman to get the ball rolling is to ask her to give her take on relationships. Ask her about what she thinks is a normal part of any healthy relationship that isn’t talked about enough. We guarantee you she would point out jealousy!

Leo women are extremely possessive in nature, and they will go above and beyond to normalize their feelings of jealousy. Show support for her sentiments and make her feel comfortable about her insecurities. This can help you get closer to her and make her feel reassured of your devotion too!

9. What is the most adventurous thing you have done?

If you know a Leo woman, you sure know about her adventurous tendencies! One of the best questions to ask a Leo woman is undoubtedly asking to have a peek into her past adventures.

Leo women are very enthusiastic and love exploring different adventures all around the world. They are known be to be avid risk-takers and as mentioned before, they are completely fearless.

Ask your Leo lady love about her favorite adventure or the most adventurous thing that she has done. And watch her recall her favorite anecdotes. No better way than this to bond with a Leo woman.

10. What do you like in men?

A Leo woman is very particular about what she likes and dislikes in men. In fact, the best way to impress a Leo woman is to simply ask her what she likes in men. This gives a clear message about your intent and makes a Leo woman feel impressed.

It is very likely that your Leo lady love likes direct and straight-forward men. That’s just a part of their zodiac. Asking this question might be the turning point of your friendship with a Leo woman too. Don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith and just get going with the realest questions.

11. Is loyalty more important than love?

When you’re wondering about what kind of questions to ask a Leo woman, pay special attention to her feelings about values and ethics.

A Leo woman values loyalty over anything else in life. Despite being a sucker for attention and love, you can almost never spot a Leo cheating on their partners. They believe in the virtue of having one, and only one, true love. And they believe loyalty to be the hallmark of all sound relationships.

Ask your Leo crush about her take on loyalty and watch her go gaga about her devotion to the same. This can be an amazing entry point into your relationship if you can show her that you resonate with her feelings too.

12. Is brutal honesty better than beating around the bush?

Just how Leo women are naturally attracted to straightforward men, they simply can’t make do without being direct themselves.

Impress a Leo woman by asking her whether brutal honesty is a better policy than beating around the bush. We can guarantee that a Leo woman will hate people who don’t get to the point and waste time elaborating the unnecessary details.

Ask her this question and show her that you can understand her appreciation for brutal honesty. You can make her feel loved and comforted with this one easy step. And voila! There you have some awesome questions to ask a Leo woman to make her fall in love with you. Do experiment with your Leo crush and let us know the end result in the comments down below.