10 Traits of Soul Sisters

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: July 29, 2022
Traits of Soul Sisters

The term soul sisters have been popular for quite a while.  But now, with more and more women becoming spiritually enlightened, and aligned with their authentic selves, the term truly has taken on a literal meaning!

So, what is a soul sister?

In simplistic terms, we think of soul sisters as being women who have a special bond.

But it is so much deeper and more beautiful than that!

In the spiritual sense, they are women who vibrate on similar energetic frequencies.

When you connect with a soul sister, you will know.  It’s a deep, spiritual connection that you can feel in your Inner Being.

Soul sisters can be:

  • blood sisters
  • close friends or group of friends
  • family members
  • a mentor and student
  • a group of women who uplift and inspire each other (such as the women in my spiritual business group)

The most beautiful part is that soul sisters encourage each other to let their authenticity shine through to the world!

It’s a marvelous support system filled with mutual encouragement and gratitude.

Soul Sisters & Past Life Connections

Some theories suggest that the soul sister bond is so strong due to a past life connection.

While I think this is certainly true in many cases, I would expand on that a little bit.

Once you embark on a spiritual journey and consciously choose to live in a heart-centered manner, your vibration raises tremendously.  For me, this is when I began attracting other heart-based, strong, spiritual women into my life.

I’ve always had a couple of wonderful friends that I considered to be my soul sisters.

But it wasn’t until I understood that I am a conscious creator and began living my life from a place of love rather than fear, that I felt an even stronger soul connection to other women – especially those who are on a similar path of seeking authenticity and joy.

This has been one of the things in my life that I am most grateful for.

Without further adieu, here are 10 ways you know you’ve got a soul sister:  🙂

Soul Sister Traits

  1. They never judge you.

  2. They encourage you when you want to give up.

  3. They speak to you from a place of love and have the courage to tell you the truth.
  4. They laugh with you!

  5. They encourage you to embrace your authenticity and follow your joy.

  6. They are truly happy for you when you are successful –  your success is their success!  Your joy is their joy!

  7. They pray for you, and with you.

  8. They see the beauty in you… always – even when you don’t see it in yourself.

  9. You feel as though you can be vulnerable with a soul sister; they make you feel safe.

  10. They give you the courage to speak your truth.

If you are called, please share this post with a Soul Sister in your life.