12 Essential Things an Aries Man Wants to Hear

Mary Lawrence
By Mary Lawrence
Updated: September 16, 2022
Essential Things an Aries Man Wants to Hear

The Aries man is a fire sign. He can be a little temperamental and a lot of fun to date. You must know what he wants in a relationship so that you can make him happy. In this blog post, we will talk about the things an Aries man likes to hear from his girlfriend when they are in a serious relationship.

These conversations will strengthen your bond with your partner and help you both grow closer together over time! Here’s out list of things an Aries man wants to hear in a relationship.

1. “I love you”

Every Aries man wants to hear his girlfriend say ‘I love you’ very often. It is a delightful feeling for him when she says it with a smile on her face after a romantic kiss or just randomly while watching the sunset together.

Aries men are ruled by Mars, their planet of action and strength which sometimes makes them aggressive in nature too but hearing this phrase from your partner will calm down all that anger instantly!

You can also show your affection through small acts like cooking for him without being asked to do so, giving a surprise visit at work, etc. For an Aries man, actions speak louder than words!

2. “You’re so great”

In a relationship, a woman’s admiration is what a man lives for! The Aries men are very ambitious and competitive by nature. They want to be the best at everything they do and hearing confirmation of their greatness from their partner will make them feel on top of the world!

Your words might not carry much weight but if you show him just how proud you are through your actions then he will give his 100% in return because this fire sign feels that it is a fair exchange after all! He values relationships where both people respect each other equally. So this is one of things an Aries man wants to hear, make sure you take note of it.

3. “We’re having such a good time together right now”

Aries men are a fun-loving bunch and they want a partner who can keep up with their fast pace. The Aries male loves his woman to be a bit outgoing, adventurous and independent too because then he feels that she is a compatible match for him!

He wants you to share in his enthusiasm for life rather than being a stick-in-the-mud all the time. He will feel happy if he sees your face lighting up every time he plans a new activity or brings home a surprise gift from work! You don’t have to go overboard but even a simple ‘wow’ after something special would make him feel very loved indeed!

4. “It’s really nice to be with you like this” 

Aries men are a tough bunch to handle sometimes. They can be a bit insensitive because of their straightforward nature and this could hurt you a lot when they say something without thinking about the consequences.

These men also tend to take things for granted if everything with them is going smoothly in a relationship!

If your man does any such thing, make sure that you tell him how much his presence means to you with simple words like ‘I’m happy we’re together or ‘It’s amazing we get along so well’. He will value these moments even more than grand gestures but it is always better not to start on wrong terms at all!

5. “You’re so handsome”

5. “You’re so handsome”

An Aries man loves his woman to be a confident one who can express her needs and wants freely. He does not like a timid girlfriend in the least bit!

He is a very passionate sign by nature which means that he will always want to look good for you because when he sees you happy, it makes him feel wonderful inside too.

You could make this fire sign happy if you compliment his appearance every once in a while with words like ‘those jeans are your color’ or ‘you should wear white more often. It’s okay if compliments don’t come naturally to you but trust me, they do work wonders on an Aries guy!

6. “What can I do to make things better?” 

This is a crucial question since an Aries man detests situations in a relationship when he feels there are issues. He doesn’t enjoy talking about personal difficulties, but if you show him with your words and actions that issues can be resolved, this fire sign will do everything he can to make the needed adjustments!

He will love you even more if you tell him specifically what irritates or saddens you rather than making a broad complaint about everything at once. This way, he knows exactly what has to change for a brighter future without any guessing involved!

7. “It’s all my fault.” – When it really is your fault. 

An Aries man dislikes being the bad guy in a relationship. He is a straightforward individual who will typically say what he feels, but he also inclines to shoulder all of the blame! He doesn’t want you pointing fingers at him or being too uncertain about your feelings because he won’t know where things stand between you and him anymore if this happens. If some issues might cause this fire sign discomfort, be sure to state them with confidence and love so they don’t lead to any misunderstandings later on!

8. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” 

What an Aries Man Wants to Hear

An Aries man likes his woman to be a bit on the wild side and adventurous because it keeps things interesting for him. He loves a girl who can take control of a situation, while he is one hundred percent supportive!

When you have an Aries as a lover, they will appear to put you on a pedestal, which implies that your pleasure becomes their top priority as well. If there was something wrong before, they would do everything in their power to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. So don’t miss out on telling this fire sign how wonderful he is because he’ll be the hero of every day!

9. “Thank you for being patient with me.”

An Aries man is a type of person who needs a lot of time to think about things before he makes a decision. He does not want you or anyone else trying to sway his thoughts with words because it will only make him irritated and resentful!

He wants the freedom to express himself in whatever manner he chooses, but this fire sign can be very supportive if given a chance as well. If your relationship has been going through a rough patch recently, try thanking them for their patience and understanding instead of getting worked up at everything they do wrong since these little gestures might work wonders for both of you!

So that’s it, our list of things an Aries man wants to hear ends here.

Relationships are a two-way street, so whatever you say to your man will likely be heard. To help get the ball rolling on what he wants from his girlfriend in a relationship, we’ve compiled some things that might fall into those categories. What do you like to say to your Aries boyfriend? Let us know below!